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James (name changed) has his week planned out, it mostly involved Paige. James and I had been invited to Paige’s parent’s chalet for the day and the idea was that James would stay for a couple of days. We had a lovely day, the weather was warm and sunny and the pool was in a suntrap which made it feel warmer. It felt like it could be somewhere in the Mediterrean.

We swam, played football and caught some rays, it was lovely. We had some lunch in the clubhouse and then went back to the pool. It was not as busy as I thought it would be and thought that the journey home, later that evening, would be easy. I left about 8 as James, Paige and her parents were preparing to eat dinner.

The journey was not good or quick. In fact the journey was an absolute nightmare. The camp was based on an island and there was only one road, on and off. There had been an accident on the road and there was no way past it. It was 11 by the time I got off the island and then, for good measure there had been an accident on the A road once I had off the island! James had called about 4 times as he was worried, bless him. So I walked in about midnight after a journey which should have taken about an hour.

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I fell into bed and didn’t bother setting the alarm as I had no plans for the following day. I woke up about 9 and had a bit of a lie in until 10. I got up, made a coffee and sat in the garden. I decided to have a quiet day, catch up on some chores and just relax. My boys were coming over the following day so I really did have a relaxing day. I spoke to James in the afternoon and he was loving his time down there, which made me happy.

The following day the boys came round about 1 and we had a barbeque in the garden. The weather had held up and it was a nice afternoon talking and laughing. The boys said it was strange not having James not around and I have to say I agree. We chatted until the evening and the boys left. I sat and watched football on the TV, alone, and, again, it was strange not having James’ company. But he was enjoying himself where he was.

The following day James was due to return but James called and said that they were going to stay another day, which I agreed to. I went out and did some shopping and had my brunch at the garden centre. I returned home and sat in the garden and made some plans to change the garden a bit.

It had been practically the same since I moved in so I sat with a sketch pad and pencil and decided how I was going to re-plan it. I had my own labourer, James, to do the hard work and I would supervise him that seemed like a fair plan to me.

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