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Changing Places

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Having to deal with an overexcited teenager is never an easy thing but it’s great to see James (name changed) so happy. He is contented at school, has made friends, has a lovely girlfriend in Paige and is settled at home. But based on previous experiences you must never become complacent in Fostering, especially when parents are involved in drugs.

Their behaviour can be erratic, at best, and dangerous on occasions. So I am ever vigilant with James, making sure that I pick up on any change of behaviour or attitude.

The sun was out and James was at school, so I hit the garden. The lawn was mowed, I trimmed some of the bushes where they needed it and turned over some of the borders. It was hard work and hot work but it was needed and, with the lighter evenings, it’s lovely to sit in the garden rather than be stuck in front of the TV.

When James got home I was pleased that he noticed, he went out and had a wander around. He made himself a cuppa and actually sat out there before he did his homework. After dinner we sat and watched the England game on the box and James told me, again, how excited he was to be playing football again.

The game was on Saturday and was only a friendly as it was the Easter weekend. Other games had been programmed in but we were unsure if they were league games or other friendlies.

The following day James went off to school and I received a phone call from his Social Worker. The news was that Mum had been caught shoplifting again and was in Court the following day. There was a possibility of a Prison sentence as she had reoffended so many times but the Social Worker was of the opinion that it wouldn’t happen. She promised to update me once she had heard the result.

We had a general chat about James and how the placement was going. Apparently both her and her manager were very happy about how things were going and the level of care James was getting and that he seemed to be thriving.

It’s always good to hear that your efforts are appreciated and recognised. She then, cheekily, asked if I would consider becoming a direct Carer for the Local Authority but I politely refused saying that I was delighted with my Agency and the support they provided.

After the call finished I quickly called my Supervising Social Worker to provide an update on what I’d been told regarding Mum and the Social Worker’s comments regarding the placement.

James got home normal time and we, again, sat in the garden with a cuppa. It was a nice way to relax after a busy day and it was still a novelty for James. Apparently he had no garden at home and he just enjoyed the tranquillity of it.

It’s easy to forget just how much James had experienced in his young life and I was pretty sure there was more to come out but, in the meantime, I was just happy to provide James with a safe, fun environment.

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