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Contact – Football – Family

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Well James (name changed) enjoyed his shopping. 5 tee shirts, a hoodie and a pair of jogging bottoms later we headed back to the car for a quick visit to Primark for underwear and socks. Happily sorted and somewhat lighter in the pocket, we headed home for dinner.

So we now seem to be sorted for the longer term placement and James seems quite happy with the situation.

The Social Worker called today to ask how James was and the subject of contact raised its ugly head again. Mum wants contact one day and then changes her mind the next day for no, apparent reason. We have agreed not to mention contact to James but he has his own mobile so it is likely that he will be talking to Mum anyway.

He rarely mentions Mum, at the moment, and it seems that he has resigned himself to not seeing her. The day finished with us writing out some plans for the week with James asking if we can have no early starts! An early start for James is anything before 10am.

So today James asked if we could go over to Streatham to see a couple of his mates. I had no issue with this as he has already said how much he misses his mates. So we had breakfast and headed over to Streatham. We went to a local park where about 6 of his mates were waiting for him. He introduced me to them and they went off for a game of football while I sat with a takeaway Costas and watched the world go by.

Gradually his friends drifted away and he came back over and said can we head back now. On the way back he showed me where his house was followed by his school and his favourite takeaway. He said that Mum rarely cooked and would just give him a couple of quid to get chips. He also explained that Mum seemed to have a lot of people round the house and that a lot of weed was smoked by them all.

He said the smell made him sick and that he would go out to get away from it. Sometimes this had been in the early hours of the morning and that he had been stopped by the Police on a number of occasions with his clothes smelling of Cannabis.

He would be returned home and that Mum would get angry at the Police coming to the house when there were a number of people there. Mums anger never became physical but a couple of Mums friends had made threatening remarks to him previously, regarding the Police.

So today was finished with dinner and James loading the dishwasher. Even though he has a TV and games console in his room it is nice that he feels comfortable enough to sit with me and watch a film or a football match.

So it was football and more football tonight with James with him disappearing off to bed at about 1030pm. I sat and updated the diary, sent a couple of emails and headed off myself after a busy couple of days.

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