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After a relatively peaceful weekend, interspersed with some issues from James’ (name changed) Mum it was time for the big lad to return to base. He was dropped home by Paige’s family and I went to say hello and thank them for looking after him. He looked tired but had a huge smile on his face and was obviously to be home.

He came in and dumped his bag, took his dirty clothes out and put them in the empty washing machine. He put the capsule in and turned it on, just as I had shown him. We sat, with a cuppa, and he told me what they had done and where they had been. He opened his wallet and showed me the fact that he hadn’t spent a penny of the money he had taken. He told me that he had offered to pay for various things but Paige’s Mum and Dad wouldn’t let him. We chatted about what happened with Mum and he told me that he had turned his phone off in the end as the calls got too much.

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Obviously Paige’s parents had my number in case anything happened and they needed to contact me. Paige’s Dad had discussed it with James and they turned the phone off and put it in James’ bag for safe keeping. The rest of the day was spent relaxing and cooking as I wanted to do a nice roast dinner for James. After dinner we sat and planned the week as James was still off school the following day and was back on Tuesday. As the forecast was good we decided to have a day out on Monday.

Monday came and James was still snoring at 10am. In fact James was still snoring at midday. The busy week was catching up on him. He finally surfaced about 1pm having had a shower. We decided to give the day out a miss as reports said that the traffic was really bad so we spent a lot of the day sat in the garden. James gave me his phone and asked me to check it. He didn’t want to be upset if there were any bad messages on it. So I turned it back on. There were 64 number withheld missed calls and 13 voicemails. So, with James’ permission, I sat and listened to them all. A few were just nothing but some were highly abusive. I sat to the computer and typed out the contents to be forwarded to James’ Social Worker. James asked if they were bad and I was honest and said that some were. James was upset and said that he thought that these calls had stopped and that Mum was going to get better. I said that I was sure it was a bit of a relapse and that she would get back onto the road to recovery. James asked if he could delete the messages and I sad that I thought it was for the best. So he sat and deleted them all. Before the day was over I emailed the Social Worker with the time of all the calls and some of the content. James went to bed at 10pm as he was back to school and we would be back in the old routine.

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