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Fantastic Weekend Blog Post

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Fantastic Weekend Blog Post

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What a great Bank Holiday weekend that was? James (name changed) and I were real social butterflies over the long bank weekend and we fully plunged into the whole Royal celebration. We did, all together, 2 street parties, a trip to London, a BBQ at Paige’s, a get together with my boys and a one day cricket match in Canterbury.

Poor James went back to school exhausted bless him. No country does celebration like us Brits and it was lovely to see so many people from so many backgrounds come together, as one, to celebrate.

It was lovely to see James, as a confident young man, getting involved and talking to everyone about everything. Makes me feel like a very proud Foster Carer and that’s a nice feeling to have. You have to take the rough with the smooth in Fostering. For every James there will be a very troubled young person who is impossible to make a meaning relationship with. I have had a few of those in the past, children so troubled and so neglected that virtually anything you do turns into a failure.

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With those types of placements you have to basically keep the child safe and secure and let the other professionals do their stuff. Having input into a young person’s life is a huge responsibility at any time but to have it when that young person is going through crisis and their family is going through crisis as well needs a lot of patience and the realisation that there is only so much you can do.

So the street parties were delightful. The weather for both was miraculous and the clouds parted just before the start time. It was so nice talking at length, and finding out about, people who you may usually just nod at in the street. Who’d of thought that I had a doctor, fireman, policeman and a couple of accountants all living within a few houses of mine? The other street party was in Paige’s street and the list of professions was just as diverse and interesting.

By this time, after 2 street parties we were both stuffed, party food is very addictive, and we had such a full weekends schedule that we headed home and put our feet up for a couple of hours. The next day the boys came over, with their partners, and we enjoyed a few hours together laughing and joking. After the boys left James and I went to watch a 20/20 cricket match, which was great fun.

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The next day James and I went up to London to experience the festivities. It was fantastic; so many people from all over the world were in attendance and sharing the enjoyment of the historic event. London looked great in the sunshine. We left mid-afternoon as we had a BBQ at Paige’s house to visit, in our hectic plans.

The afternoon was equally enjoyable sharing time with Paige’s Mum and Dad and meeting some new people and generally having a great time. The following day we did, absolutely nothing! James got up about 11, about an hour after me, and we really just relaxed. It had been a fantastic weekend.

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