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A quiet weekend, thank god. After all the fun and frolics of the previous weekends it was nice just to chill and relax. Saturday was a quiet day. I was up about 9 and James (name changed) was up about 11. We had a cuppa and then sat and decided what to do. I asked if Paige wanted to come over and we could watch a film, that evening, with a takeaway.

We went to the garden centre for brunch and for James to spend some hard earned cash on his fish. He wanted to have a swap round so he bought some new rocks and plants as well as fish, fish food and a background for the tank. He was deep in conversation with the sales guy so I went off to the butchers to buy some meat for Sunday lunch and some fresh veg.

James found me and we went and sat down for a spot of food, actually a large spot of food. We sat and chatted and it was noticeable how busy the centre was and how the sunshine put a smile on people’s faces. After we ate out body weight in food we headed home. I helped James prepare the tank for him to work his aquatic magic.

Foster Carer’s Blog

Paige’s parents were dropping her off about 4 so he waited in case she had any ideas from a design point of view. Paige arrived and I left them to get on with it. I had some things to do on the internet and some bills to pay. After a couple of hours they called me into the living room and showed me what they had done. I have to say that it was majorly impressive and it looked completely different to how it had before. We then discussed the evening’s entertainment and the choice of food.

We watched a lovey dovey film, thanks Paige, and chose Chinese food. The food was lovely, the film less so. Just not my kind of thing but James and Paige enjoyed it so that was fine. We dropped Paige home about 1130pm and drove back home to sort out the Chinese left overs and to load the dishwasher.

James had a last check of the tank and the fish seemed settled and the new additions were behaving themselves.

Foster Care Blog

Sunday was a day in the garden. I got up about 9 and had a coffee and then got the gardening stuff out ready to go. I’ve always had this thing that I don’t do noisy gardening until after 10 on a Sunday. So when the clock struck 10 I started mowing the lawn and trimming some borders. James appeared and sat and watched while drinking his tea. He came out and helped a bit, mainly clearing rubbish but also doing some pruning and forking.

We were done by 1pm and I jumped in the shower. We then had the Chinese left overs for lunch and watched the Grand Prix on the TV. James helped prep the Sunday dinner and we ate that about 5pm.

We cleared everything away, washed down the work surfaces and put our feet up and watched some Mafia series on Netflix. It had been the best kind of weekend, relaxing with some hard work thrown in.

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