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Fostering Blog | Happy Zooming

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We had a great weekend. James (name changed) and a friend had football practice, so I dropped him off and went and did my weekly shop, with mask of course.

After battling my way around Sainsburys I went back and collected a rather tired James and took him home for a shower. I unloaded the shopping while he sorted himself out and then we had lunch. So we spent the afternoon watching football and then got a Chinese for dinner. James has settled in so well and it’s great to see him doing his chores etc. without being asked and treating the place like his home.

Sunday wasn’t great, weather wise, so James decided to do his homework and we decided to book ourselves in for a Toby Carvery for Sunday dinner. After we ate our body weights in roast lamb we returned home for an afternoon of football on the TV and snacks.

I had some paperwork to sort out and then we found a film to watch until bed time. James took himself off at 10 and I had a couple of hours of TV until calling it a day around midnight.

James took himself off to school and I took a call from his Social Worker regarding a meeting that was due to take place, but Mum had cancelled without any reason. Mum has been allocated a place in a rehab unit to deal with her addictions but had not turned up. This had really annoyed the Social Worker as Mum had given her assurances that she would definitely attend.

Places in this unit were like gold dust and the Social Worker had worked hard to get her in. The Social Worker had tried to see her to discuss things but Mum had not answered the door. This was concerning. Mum hadn’t tried to call James either. The Social Worker asked if she could chat to James, on Zoom, that evening and I agreed.

James got home, normal time, and I told him that his Social Worker was calling. He was quite excited about this as he had a good relationship with her.

The Zoom call came through and I left them to it so James could discuss whatever he wanted without me poking my nose in. They chatted for about 45 minutes and James then called me. I went in while James went into his room and the Social Worker said that she was delighted about how happy James was and that any concerns about Mums complaints were completely dispelled.

We made small talk for 10 minutes then said our goodbyes. James seemed ok with whatever conversation he had with his Social Worker and he did his homework while I wrote up the content of the chat in my diary.

We sat down for dinner and then watched football, for a change, until it was time for James to go to bed. Before he went he told me that he was really happy and he had told the Social Worker that.

It was nice to hear him say that and I have to say that he was one of the nicest kids I had the pleasure to care for in my fostering career.

A Blogging Foster Carer.

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