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The exams appear to be going well for James (name changed). Admittedly he has been helped by Paige but he has also put in a lot of effort himself. I told him that I was proud of the way he had made so much effort in revising and that he appeared to be happy with the way the exams had gone.

The main thing that impressed me though was that he hadn’t slackened off because of the football situation, which would have been easy to do. He, and the other lads of his age at the club, had received a talk about focussing on school work from one of the senior players at the club as, apparently, only 1% of boys who go into the whole academy system actually make it.

Our weekend was pretty quiet. Paige and James went to the cinema on Friday night so I did the ‘dad cabs’ bit and ran them there and then picked them up and dropped Paige home. Saturday was our usual day. James had a lie in until 11 while I did some housework and chores.

We then had brunch at the garden centre and sat watching sport all afternoon. James and Paige were going to a house party that evening but Paige’s Dad was doing the honours so I could sit and relax. I didn’t know the lad that was having the party but Paige’s Dad vouched for them. 

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Sunday ended up being a quiet day as there was no football due to illness in the camp plus some of the boys were acting as ball boys for the first team. So we went over to see my eldest son and had the day there watching football and eating. My youngest son also came over so it was a lovely, fun day.

We got home about 6 and James wanted to do an hours revision for the exam he had the next day. It was a science subject that he was not keen on and he thought that it might help. I told James that he wouldn’t be expected to be good at everything and that there would be a couple of subjects where his results may not be as high as the others. But James was determined to do his best at everything so I left him in the dining room to study.

After he had done we had tea and just chatted about life in general. He said that he couldn’t believe how his life had changed over the last 18 months and how much better things were for him. I thanked him for that but said that it was also down to him as he had fitted in so well and accepted all the changes that had happened in his life. He had worked hard at school and at his sport, he had found a lovely girlfriend, and was a pleasure to have around the house.

Our relationship was easy as we laughed at the same things and enjoyed lots of different things together. Life was good for James but I guessed that he also missed his Mum and was concerned about her too.

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