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So the exams have started. I’ll give James (name changed) his due he has worked hard at his revision. Paige had helped him a lot by providing a schedule for his revision based on her own exams. James had never experienced the exam environment before so he was a bit bewildered and unsure of what to expect.

I, of course, gave him plenty of encouragement and he set off, on the first day, seemingly confident of what he was going to do. But I could tell he was nervous and it helped that Paige’s dad picked him up so he had some time with Paige before he went in. He had some good luck messages, one from his football club and one from his Social Worker. What was really nice was that one of the well-known professionals from his club had sent him a personalised video message wishing him luck and telling him to focus on his exams, a really nice touch.

The first evening he got home he looked exhausted. He was taken by surprise at how formal everything was. The lines of desks, the invigilators, the silence, he found it all very intimidating and admitted that he had froze a bit. He had a 2 hour exam in the morning and then a break of 2 hours before his second exam. He sat with Paige and a few friends to chill and relax before the afternoon’s exam. He said that he felt a lot more relaxed in the afternoon because he was used to the surroundings and the environment. He had two more exams the following day so did a couple of hours revision when he got home and then had dinner and relaxed. The following morning I took him in and we collected Paige on the way.

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He went in with a smile and looking a lot happier than the previous day. He didn’t have any exams the following day so when I collected him from school I took him and Paige to our local Toby Carvery for a lovely dinner. We talked about exams and the future and what their plans were. For James it was leaving school with some good exam results but furthering his football career and for Paige it was A levels and University. I did wonder then how James would cope with that situation as he and Paige had lived in each other’s pocket for a long time. But Paige then stated that she wanted to find a local University so she wasn’t far away from home or James.

The next day James was on study leave so we got up a little later and, after breakfast, James did some revision, had a lunch break, and then did a couple of hours in the afternoon. After he finished we went to the garden centre and had a wander around with James buying a couple of fish for the tank. He saw a lad from his first football team and was telling him all about his new team and how that was going. The other boy was very impressed as James’ team was the team his father supported. We got home and shared the cooking duties and James headed off to bed at 10 while I did the diary and locked up.

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