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What a fun weekend that was. My sons came around, yes they are in my bubble, and we had a great Saturday which was basically my sons and James (name changed) playing on the PlayStation and watching football on the TV.

We had a food delivery (diet out the window) and really enjoyed the whole day. After my boys left James said that we wished he had older siblings and that he enjoyed the ‘banter’ of being with older kids.

The rest of the weekend was spent doing all the usual stuff, washing, cleaning and James completing the projects that he had been set, at school. We also took the chance to clean out the fish tank and we went to the local garden centre to buy some more fish as we had a couple of fatalities in the week.

I let James choose, obviously and we took our purchases home including some lovely looking pies from the butchers. So when we got home we sorted the fish first and then James had his Zoom calls with Paige and then his mates. It’s quite sad that this is the only form of contact James can have with his friends but that’s how things are at the moment and we have to follow the rules.

I have already heard of people within my wider social circle who have passed away from COVID and know a number of people who have had it quite badly so, although I’m reasonably fit and healthy, I am not taking any risks.

So after a hectic weekend it was back to our normal weekly routine of school work and household chores. James had some awful maths work to do so I sat and tried to help him, but failed miserably. So much for a Grammar school education.

I got a phone call in the afternoon from James’ Social Worker just asking how our weekend had gone. She had received a phone call from Mum asking about having a telephone contact one evening. I, obviously, agreed but with some concerns about the content of the call.

The Social Worker said that she would talk to Mum about the dos and don’ts and we would see what happened. She called back after about an hour and Mum had said that she didn’t see why she should be told what she could say and then slammed the phone down, so I guess that won’t be happening then.

I updated my diary and sent an email to my Supervising Social Worker to keep her in the picture. That evening James had a number of calls from a withheld number, which he ignored, so I am guessing it was Mum as all of his friends never withheld their numbers.

The following morning I had another call from the Social Worker saying that Mum was lodging another complaint about not being able to see James, which didn’t surprise anybody.

The Social Worker said that she had the support of her manager and that she didn’t think the complaint would ‘stand up’ given Mum’s previous behaviour. So, again, I updated my diary and emailed my SSW to provide an update.

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