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As the week wore on the phones were quiet and it seemed that someone had obviously had a word with Mum about her behaviour. The problem is that this happened before, on several occasions and it’s getting to the point that you are constantly concerned when it’s going to happen again.

Mum has, also, fallen off ‘the wagon’ again, which a cause for concern, as she appeared to be doing really well. Mum came across as being a really nice person when not under the influence of anything and I would have been really happy to encourage contact for her and James if she was in a fit condition but sadly that was rarely the case. I then received a call from the LA manager that James’ Social Worker reported to. She wanted to update me on some news.

Mum had been arrested for assaulting James’ Social Worker who had visited, with another worker, to discuss her behaviour. The Social Worker had some cuts and bruises but would be off for a couple of weeks. Mum had been arrested and charged with assault. It was very likely that she could be sent to prison as she is a repeat offender.

We had a long discussion about what we tell James and agreed on a plan of action. James had some exams coming up and we didn’t want to distract from that as they were important. So we agreed to say nothing until after Mum had been to Court and then we would see what happens.

James came home at his normal time and was full of beans, as usual. He had his exam timetable so, over dinner, we sat and agreed a separate time table for his revision. The plan was that he would spend the time he normally did homework on revising. He had no football over the coming weekend, as it was a Bank Holiday, so he would do some revision and he was also going to spend some time revising with Paige either at mine or at her parents.

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Paige was an intelligent girl, top of the class intelligent and having her around would help James with any questions he had. So we were on the ball and organised. James was really quite nervous about these upcoming exams so I gave him the chat about doing his best and that was all I could ask of him. I wouldn’t put any further pressure on him by reminding him of the importance of them but would certainly encourage him and support him the best I could.

James went off to school the following day and I did some chores. I had a call from somebody from the football club just to see how James was and was he doing his exams. I said yes and he said he was going to send an email through to James with a special message. I walked past Sports Direct and decided to pop in and have a walk about. Then I noticed that the football boots that James had wanted were on a special offer at half the price, so I bought them! James got home and he told me that he had an email from his football club.

He opened it and there was a message from members of the first team, including some internationals, wishing James good luck with his exams. James was opened mouthed. I then gave him the boots and he was delighted and gave me a hug. One happy teenager.

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