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James (name changed) and I were looking holidays for this summer. I’d love to take him abroad but he doesn’t have a passport and I can’t see his Mum providing the documentation needed to obtain one. So we’ve been looking at stay-cations instead.

I suggested some kind of driving holiday around the coast of the country but James didn’t fancy that, must be my driving.


I have a friend who has a 2 bedroom Air B&B on the Isle of Wight so we looked into that. James was excited by the idea of going on a ferry so I made some enquiries.

The cost of the ferry was quite steep, apparently it is the most expensive ferry, per mile, in the world. So we looked at some dates and emailed my friend to see when his place was available.

James thinks he is getting fat and unfit. So I enrolled him in my local gym. We are going to go 3 times a week and see how it goes. James has some exercises planned out that he wants to do and I just want to get rid of some middle age spread. So I’ve spiced things up by setting James a challenge.

I have set us both a target with regards to various exercises and how many we can both do on a weekly basis. James has now turned into Mr Competitive and wants to thrash me. I’m wondering what I’ve let myself in for.

I received an email from James’ school inviting me to attend an online meeting with his form teacher to discuss how he is progressing at school. I’ve always felt it important to have these meetings to find out how the young person is progressing at school so I immediately replied to say yes. So, another date in my diary to look forward to.

We had our gym induction this evening. A lovely young lady called Chloe was our guide and she showed us how to use the various pieces of equipment. The gym was busy and had a quite a nice feeling to it. Half the machines were not in use due to social distancing but there were still plenty of machines to use.

The induction lasted about 45 minutes and we had to show Chloe that we understood the equipment and how it worked. Chloe then showed us the App for the gym and how we booked sessions and set ourselves up as members. It was impressive and we were both looking forward to getting started.

James decided the days we were going to go and we decided that our best bet would be to visit at about 5pm during the week to give James enough time to get home and get changed.

We could only book for 50 minutes, again due to Covid, but that gave us enough time to carry out our challenge and do other exercises.

James wanted to use the treadmill and try to build up his puny little legs whilst I just wanted to tone up and lose some weight. So we booked some sessions and decided that the loser of the challenge had to clean out the fish tank for a month!

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