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So here we are in marvelous isolation, cast away from civilisation due to Covid! I keep saying to James (name changed) that he will be sick of the sight of me but so far so good we haven’t had a crossword.

We are eating well and drinking plenty. The only real inconvenience is that James can’t see Paige and I think she feels the same. Apparently, it’s hit the school quite badly and there are a large number of pupils off. So we are resting and binge-watching TV series that we would probably never watch under normal circumstances. There’s no specific bedtime or getting uptime, it’s down to how you feel at any given time. We are both feeling the same, achy, tired and we both have a high temperature. However, a mixture of food, drink, and relaxation is certainly helping.

I have warned people that we are isolating and people are staying away. I did an online shop today and made sure there were plenty of healthy foods and, of course, some unhealthy ones too.

James was first up today as he couldn’t sleep. He brought me in a cuppa, which was appreciated until I saw it was 7:30 in the morning. We sat in the kitchen and chatted about life in general and once James had drunk his tea he said “I am going back to bed” and off he went, leaving me wide awake.

I had a tidy and then went and sat on the settee. The next thing I knew I was waking up and it was 11am. James was still in bed and was fast asleep. So I just watched TV and then sat in the garden to get some fresh air and then decided to have a bath.

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Although the bath made me feel better it also made me feel tired again. James emerged about 1pm and said he felt better. I told him that the bath had made me feel better so he took himself off for a bath. After his bath he felt like me, better but tired. He went back to bed and I watched a bit of TV and then fell asleep again.

We both sat and watched TV for a while before James went off to bed as he was tired and looked washed out. I finally went to bed about 9pm and slept like a log. I woke up first at 9am and James got up about 10.We both felt better and James looked human again.

Of course we still had a few more days to isolate so we weren’t out of the woods yet. But it was nice to feel human again and to get rid of the horrible headache we’d both had.

James had some work sent through via email so he sat and did that while I answered a couple of emails and updated everybody on what was happening and how we were. James went off to call Paige and reappeared about an hour later with a smile on his face.

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