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We had a lovely weekend. As James’ (name changed) match was cancelled we decided to go somewhere for the day and we invited Paige, who was delighted to join us. On Friday night we sat and chatted about where to go and we decided on Brighton, about a 90 minute drive. So we got up about 8am, had a quick breakfast and left to pick up Paige.

The young love birds sat in the back and I didn’t really need to use a sat nav as it was simply M25 and then M23 to get from mine to Brighton. We arrived shortly after 11am and found a parking space after a drive around. I asked if they wanted to walk about alone and they said yes. So I gave James some money to get lunch and treat them to something. They went off in one direction and I walked off to the Laines for a mooch about and to find a nice coffee shop. I found one where I could sit outside and watch the world go by. After about 5 minutes I laughed when I saw James and Paige walking towards me. They decided to grace me with their presence to enjoy a drink for half an hour and they went on their way again. I walked about for an hour or so and then went and sat by the sea for a while. I’ve always found the sea relaxing and was sat there for a couple of hours until my stomach told me it was lunchtime. I wandered around looking for a nice place to have some food and found a posh chippy with seats outside. I grabbed a table outside and ordered some cod and chips. 2 minutes later guess who turned up again. They sat with me and when the waiter brought my food I ordered what they wanted. James, bless him, offered to give me the money back I had given him for lunch but I told him to keep it and buy something nice for Paige. We sat and ate and they both said what a nice chilled place Brighton was. By the afternoon the place was getting a bit busier and James called me to say about a nice slow drive home, which seemed like a very good idea. We drove back along the coast, into Kent and then back up the M20. We dropped Paige home and got home ourselves and made a nice cup of tea.

Sunday we had a lie in but Paige’s Mum called to ask James if he wanted to go there for Sunday lunch. I said it was fine and looked forward to a nice quiet afternoon with my own company. I sat and watched some sport on TV and made myself some dinner and then cleared up and put some washing on. James got dropped home about 8pm and he sat and told me about his afternoon at Paige’s. He went to bed at about 10pm while I just made a few notes and answered some emails. It had been a really nice weekend, a mixture of relaxation, some sea air and a change of scenery.

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