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We are Covid free! We still have another day of isolation but James (name changed) is making plans to see Paige and I’m just itching to go out further than my garden.

The garden has actually been a godsend during our isolation. The ability to go and sit outside and get some fresh air is a huge benefit and I always felt better as a result of it. James and I sat and had many conversations while sitting outside, even when it’s been cold and damp. Even the next-door neighbour joined in on one occasion, keeping his distance obviously.

The school has been excellent with James, sending work through for him to look at and keeping up to date on school matters. His form teacher has also sent him a few emails just saying get well soon etc. James, unusually, is looking forward to getting back to school. I think it’s a mixture of seeing Paige and seeing his mates plus getting away from a boring old man!

We have watched loads of stuff on the TV. From documentaries to sports, nature programs, history programs, and more sports. James is very keen on documentaries about sharks and there were plenty to watch. There was one claiming that there have been Great White sharks in British waters and James said that he wasn’t swimming in the sea again. So we weren’t bored during the lockdown.

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We mixed up TV, James’ school work, cooking, and chores around the house. James had a major sort out of the fish tank and, also a major sort out of his wardrobe. He had some lovely stuff that just didn’t fit him anymore so we decided to put some of it on eBay and that he could have any money if we sold them. I got him to lay stuff out and photograph it and then we sat and uploaded the pictures onto eBay and decided what we were going to ask for the items. There were about 12 items altogether.

I had a call from my link worker saying that they were proposing to make a visit, as soon as we were fit and healthy. We agreed on a date and popped it in the diary. Then, as if by magic, James’ social worker called to arrange a visit and so I organised the same date and time as my link worker.

We obviously needed to sort out any Christmas issues involving Mum as well as her complaint. It seemed that Mum had been chasing the local authority for a response to her complaint and was on a bit of a mission.

James was concerned, he knew what Mum could be like when she had a bee in her bonnet and he was concerned that there would be issues as a result of her complaint. I told him not to worry, we hadn’t done anything wrong, and that a lot of the blame had been laid on her and her behaviour.

The time of the meeting meant that James would get home an hour after the meeting started allowing anything confidential to be discussed prior to his arrival.

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