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Single Male Foster Carer Blog

Well the man-flu has subsided and we are both feeling better. James (name changed) wasn’t well enough to play football so we had a nice chilled weekend with no early starts.

James was itching to see Paige so I dropped him over there on Saturday lunchtime. He texted me shortly afterward to say that he had been invited to stay over on Saturday night which I was happy to allow. I went to the supermarket and did a shop and got some Christmas shopping too.

When I got home I unloaded the shopping and had some lunch then I decided to put the Christmas decorations and tree up. So three hours later and I’m sat on the settee surrounded by tree lights trying to figure out why they aren’t working. It took another hour until I finally got them to work.

I must say that once everything was up and working the decorations looked fantastic and very seasonal. I sent a picture to James and he was very excited and couldn’t wait to see it. By the time I had eaten, I was shattered and headed off to bed at about 9 pm.

The next day I was up at about 8 am and had coffee and breakfast. I left at about 12 to pick James up. We got home and James immediately wanted to see the lights on. He was excited and said that it made him feel really Christmassy. So we spent the afternoon watching football and James then went to get his stuff ready for the week ahead. We had dinner and a fairly early night.

James left for school at normal time and I was left to try to get back to normal routines.

Single Male Foster Carer Blog

Late morning I had a call from a prospective foster carer who wanted to chat to a single male carer. He seemed a decent guy who had obviously done his research on fostering and how the process worked with regards to the form F.

He had been in the care system himself, as a young man, and was keen to give something back. He promised to keep in touch and let me know what his plans are. Later that day my link worker called to see how we both were.

After we spoke I then had a call from James’ social worker to ask the same thing. We had a catch-up with regards to James, his Mum, and all things associated. She hadn’t heard from Mum but they were still hoping for a pre-Christmas contact for them. She said she would let me know as soon as possible what was happening.

I told her that James was also happy to talk to Mum on the phone if she wasn’t able to meet in person. The social worker had suggested that already but Mum had insisted on a face-to-face meeting.

So, we would have to wait until the end of the week to see if it was going ahead, which was frustrating.

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