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The fitness work is beginning to work for James (name changed) and he says he feels better already whereas I am still carrying a few pounds too many and I am totally lacking in fitness. So we’ve agreed something, I am going to put my fitness in the hands of James.

I’ve asked him to research an exercise plan for me, at my age, to get fit.

I have told him that it has to be done seriously and it has to be age appropriate or I will keel over. So he started looking, after his school work, and actually put a plan together that he would use when we had out fitness days.

What we agreed was that he would have four days a week and I would have three. Each session would be an hour at a local park. There was no equipment just the two of us.

I asked to look at my training schedule but James refused and said it would be a nice surprise, which I doubted. So the weekend was the idea time to start, I would train James on Saturday and he would train me on Sunday.

James, obviously, had a head start on me as he had been training for a week or so already. So Saturday we carried on from where we left off with James running around like a maniac and crushing all the exercises I gave him. But it was easy to spot his improvements and I reminisced about when I was his age.

We got home and he showered and we went shopping. We actually looked carefully at what we were buying and I even swapped my beloved salted peanuts for plain nuts and raisins. Impressive self-control!

So Sunday arrived and I have to say I was secretly dreading it but I trusted James and, to be fair, he had spent a lot of time researching it. So after a warm up I was set a number of distances to run. I have to say that it was an excellent session and, although I was suffering towards the end, I never felt totally shattered. We got home and James was keen to know what I thought. I told him it was excellent and that he had done really well and he was very proud of himself.

The rest of Sunday followed its normal course of football and food, healthy of course. We had a roast, obviously, and watched four football matches. We had healthy snacks, well I did, and had a really nice relaxing day. I have to say that I began to feel the after effects of the exercise as the day wore on and I had a feeling that it would be worse on Monday.

I slept like a log, Sunday night, and sure enough I felt achy on Monday morning. In fact my legs felt like rubber and my hamstrings felt like they had shrunk to half their normal size. James thought this was really funny and spent most of the day laughing at me staggering around the house like a Friday night drunk.

Later in the day I got James to try on his school uniform blazer and trousers as he looked like he had grown a bit. Sure enough both his trousers and blazer were too short, by a fair bit, so I ordered a couple of pairs off the internet and organised a new blazer, over the phone, with the local school outfitters.

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