Why foster?

‘Loving homes’

The main reason people tell us is:

“I wanted to make a difference in children’s lives”

The carers we worked with told us:

  • They want to make a difference in children’s and young people’s lives;
  • Many felt there was an empty space in their lives which foster care filled;
  • They were unable to have a child of their own so fostering children was their best option;
  • Some foster carers said they had been in care themselves;
  • Those that were teachers, nurses, social workers and other childcare workers wanted to use their existing skills in foster caring;
  • Some were influenced by the media and the need for more foster carers;
  • Some wanted to work fostering young people;
  • Some wanted a career change and to be able to work from home.

Overall, why people wanted to foster – foster carers wanted to: ‘Provide loving carers to children’ and ‘to save children from further harm.’

Successful fostering

Being a foster carer is one of the most rewarding careers out there, but being with the wrong agency can mean not having the number, type of placements and financial benefits you expected.

Contact us and we will find you suitable agencies in your area with vacancies.

Deciding to foster

Hopefully you will decide to take the next step and if so, we at Simply Fostering would like to thank you for starting the exciting journey to make a difference and becoming a foster carer.

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