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The Power To Make A Difference. 

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How To Foster.

Want to be a foster carer? You found the best place to start!
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Make sure you ‘Get fostering right first time’ by using our free UK Application Service. We help you to find the best Agencies to choose from. We are here to make it easier to apply to be a UK Foster Carer in 2023.

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Foster Carers Pay.

Foster carers allowance and pay are not regulated by the Government so each Agency decides how much financial support they provide for their carers. Find out how to receive the best Financial Package in 2023.

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Transfer Agency?

Not getting the Support you need? Start the discussion about how to improve your Support, number of Placements, Respite and Income. Use our free Agency Transfer Service to change your Agency with our help.

What is the need?

New carers
New carers are required for children and young people aged between 0 to 18, from a variety of different backgrounds and abilities. Across the UK there is an urgent need for over 8,000 more foster carers every year.

This shortage means that social services have fewer choices of foster carers, therefore children are often being moved around from home to home, have to be split up from their brothers and sisters, and have to live a long way from their family and friends.

Eligible to Foster?

Find out if you meet the UK criteria to Foster

Foster Carers Role

Fostering children in the UK means giving a child or young person a safe and caring home for as long as it takes to fix the reason why they can’t live with their carers.

The child’s Local Authority is legally responsible for their safety, however if there are no in-house carers available, a request is made to the Authority’s preferred local Independent Agency.

Independent (Private) Fostering Agencies recruit, assess, approve, train, supervise, support and review Foster Parents who care for children looked after by Local Authorities.

Placements are usually Short Term and the child returns home or is placed with extended family. There is also Long Term Foster Care for children who need care for the foreseeable future.

Younger children may be Adopted, and Teenagers will start the process of living independently which is a significant time for young people. Fostering is found to be the best alternative for children and youngsters who cannot live at home.

About Fostering

After applying to be a foster carer, a comprehensive assessment and becoming a registered, approved Foster Parent.

You will be classed as self employed for tax purposes, and contracted to work with your approving Agency.

The Foster Parent’s Approval sets out the Type and Categories of care you can provide in your family home.

An Approval is reviewed annually to look at any needs carers might have, what quality of service is being provided and the support available from the Agency.

Independent (Private) Agency payments and allowances cover the all day to day needs of fostered children and includes a reasonable reward element or fee.

The income is usually sufficient enough for people to be self employed and to consider foster parenting full or part time.

Visit the Government website for lots of information about how to foster, the Government Guidelines about the Assessments and Approval Process.
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Free Fostering Essentials Handbook

By contacting us you are entitled to the Simply Fostering Essentials Handbook, a wall to wall guide to fostering.

An A-Z comprehensive guide to a range of useful fostering terms. Essential reading for any newbie foster carer. Includes subjects as varied as:

  • Parental Responsibility
  • Managing Behaviour
  • Human Rights
  • Reviews
  • Eat Disorders

Form Only Takes A Minute To Complete.

Foster Carers Blogs

Real Foster Carers telling it like it is by blogging about their day to day experiences of caring for the children and young people they look after. Read the truth about what it takes-worts and all!

Eligible to Foster?

How to foster. Time for a change in 2023? Thinking of a new job working from home? Find out how to be a foster carer and if you meet the requirements to apply for fostering in the UK.

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