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Foster carers provide a place in their family for children who are unable to live with their own parents or carers.

Fostering provides both temporary and permanent (long term) care, sometimes for parents who need support, or for children or young people during difficult times in their lives.

Fostered children usually return home after a short period however, sometimes problems cannot be resolved and parents are unable to provide safe care. Children might move from foster care to be adopted, and young people might move on to independent living.

The challenges

Becoming a foster carer and fostering children holds many challenges for fostering families. It is a big step that everyone in the household should approve of and be fully involved in.

What successful foster carers do:

  • Keep on learning
  • Understand the limits of their personal strengths and abilities.
  • Expect to be given all the information they need.
  • Take a full part in the plans for a child.
  • Ask for help from their agency when begin to happen.
  • Know and accept when they have reached the end of their efforts.

Foster carer’s careers

Foster carers we have worked with have moved into different areas of professional childcare. Because of their fostering experiences, training and understanding of child development, foster carers have gained easier access to higher qualifications and some have trained as:

  • Specialised foster carers;
  • Social workers;
  • Counsellors;
  • Play therapists;
  • Youth workers;
  • Sexual health workers;
  • Residential workers;
  • Psychologists.

Although some foster carers further their interest in childcare, most continue to choose foster caring as well.


We help you to find the right Fostering Agency 

Fostering Enquiry Process:

  • Confirm receipt of your fostering enquiry and check your information.
  • Contact you if we need more information to best help your enquiry.
  • Check our Database for the Fostering Agencies in your area with vacancies for foster carers.
  • Match you with the most suitable Fostering Agencies based on your information.
  • Forward your information to the Agencies identified, requesting they contact you within three to five working days.

If you proceed to assessment we will remain available for you to contact to answer questions about the assessment process and to provide impartial and qualified professional advice and support.

Approved Foster Carers:

If you are interested in transferring to another Fostering Agency, we will contact you on receipt of your enquiry.

Simply Fostering:

Simply Fostering is a completely free service for people interested in fostering and in particular for people committed to becoming foster carers in the UK. Here are both Local Authority and Independent Fostering Agencies and every agency has vacancies.

Before inquiring or applying to become a foster carer, make sure that you choose the right agency for you and your family by using our free Fostering Agency Matching Service, so contact us today.

UK Wide Fostering Network

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If you live in the UK… We’ve got you covered.
We cover the length and breadth of the UK with our unique Agency Network. Finding an Agency near you and supporting your move into foster caring.


free fostering handbook

Free Fostering Essentials Handbook

By contacting us you are entitled to the Simply Fostering Essentials Handbook, a wall to wall guide to fostering.

An A-Z comprehensive guide to a range of useful fostering terms. Essential reading for any newbie foster carer. Includes subjects as varied as:

  • Parental Responsibility
  • Managing Behaviour
  • Human Rights
  • Reviews
  • Eat Disorders

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