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Can You Afford To Foster?

You might be put off being a Foster Parent because you think you can’t afford the costs involved.Fostering has changed, Foster Parents are now paid an Allowance for the care of the fostered child as well as a Fee or Reward payment to the Foster Parent which is similar to a ‘wage’ or salary.

Foster Carer Vacancies

You can apply to be a Foster Carer in England, Scotland, Wales and NI. There are over 8,000 vacancies every year because of the growing need for foster placements and the loss of carers who retire or move on. If you are thinking of starting a new career working from home and have a passion for children’s safety and well being, Fostering could be for you

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If you are unsure if you are eligible to Foster and you’d like to find out if you can apply, then please use our free Eligibility Quiz.

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To find the Fostering Agencies with vacancies in your area, please use our Easy Contact Form, it just takes a couple of minutes, and you could be on the way to becoming a Foster Carer.

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Is it ok to talk about money?

Would you love to be a foster carer and think you would be good at it?

Is the thought of not being able to afford your rent or mortgage, giving up your job or going part time the main reasons you don’t apply to be a foster carer?

Then it’s just common sense to talk about the money you can earn!

Fostering is now a career, thousands of carers earn a comfortable living from their hard work and the commitment they give to the children they look after.

Yes, there will be some people who put the financial rewards before their love of children, but the application and assessment process is designed to check if the care/money bias is out of balance.

Have you had significant debt?

Then talk to a fostering agency!

Past debt problems are not uncommon, most of us have had times when money has been short, and more people have experienced unemployment and extra pressures on their finances due to the recent recession.

Debts won’t stop you from fostering children, but they will need to be explained when you decide to apply to be a foster carer.

A fostering agency will need to be confident that you are responsible with your money as you must be if, you look after a foster child.

When applying to foster you shouldn’t be stressed about debt, your finances, moving house or going through repossession proceedings.

If you have had significant debts, there are no set guidelines and agencies will look at your individual circumstances as part of their decision to start your assessment.

Current debt.

Most agencies will not be concerned if you have current debts or borrowings providing they are not excessive and you are able to pay them without undue difficulties.

Don’t worry.

Fostering agencies have a duty to consider your financial situation and attitude to managing money in total confidence, and as part of their decision to start your assessment, so you will be given every opportunity to take the next step towards a foster care career.

Read all about the money paid to Foster Parents, the Fees and Fostering Allowances.


Having some debts would not automatically stop you from fostering.

People’s circumstances are not the same and the Fostering Assessment and Approval Process will look at how well the applicant(s) has and can manage their finances.

If you would like to foster but are worried your debt may affect your eligibility, don’t let this put you off. Fostering Agencies will have a fully confidential and informal discussion with you to help you to apply to become a Foster Parent.


Working from home
Fostering career

Fostering means sharing the care of someone else’s child or children with the Local Authority and/or the birth parents. Most often the child returns home or moves on to independence. Foster carers never acquire parental responsibility for the children they foster.

Fostering is therefore the choice for most people who wish to have a part or full time career working from home and wanting to care for an open ended number of children throughout their time as foster carers.

Latest Fostering Allowances

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