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Using our extensive knowledge of fostering agencies in your area on our membership database, and what they have to offer, we help you identify the most suitable Agency for you and your family.

Types of fostering

Learn more about the different types of placements.

Free Foster Carer Transfer Service

How To Transfer Fostering Agency

Identifying The Best UK Agency To Move To

  • Contact Us for the Best Fostering Package

Keeping your personal details completely confidential, especially if you have children in placement, we then negotiate with your chosen Agency or Agencies on your behalf, to agree the best fostering transfer package available, and then contact you with our advice and recommendation.

  • Next step – Confidential visit

When you have decided which agency or agencies you would like to talk to, we ask them to contact you that day if possible, to arrange a face-to-face, confidential meeting at your home. If you decide to move, the new agency social worker will manage all of the transfer processes.

  • Resignation

To begin the transfer process, and no foster child(ren) are in placement, you simply need to give twenty-eight days notice in writing to your fostering agency, of your intention to resign.
If there is a child(ren) in placement you simply have to give written notice to both the fostering agency and to the Local Authority who placed the foster child.

If you have a child or children in placement

Foster Carers – Transfer Reward Scheme
We have an arrangement with the agencies we recommend that enables us to offer you an ongoing financial reward, if you use our free transfer agency service, and have placements at the time of transfer. For further details, please contact Annette.

Transfer steps

Fostering agencies and local authorities use the Fostering Network’s ‘Transfer of Foster Carers Protocol’

Step one

  • If there is a child or children in placement, the relevant Local Authority will hold a transfer protocol meeting within twenty-eight days, the authority staff and the agencies involved, attend to discuss the implications of the change of agency, if any, for the child.

Step two

  • The new agency staff will meet with your current agency and the social workers of any children in placement, to discuss and agree transfer arrangements, especially so that any child or children are not disrupted in any way.

Step three

  • Enjoy the benefits of changing Agency!

The benefits of changing to a better UK fostering agency

  • Better allowances and fees that recognise the commitment of foster carers.
  • Better respite care for foster carers and foster children.
  • Better matched and more regular placements.
  • Better training programmes and access to NVQ and foundation courses.
  • Better supervision and support, essential for all foster carers to do their job well and safely.
  • Better practical support around family contact for foster children
  • Better support to help meet the needs of specific children such as ‘foster children’s support groups’.
  • New experience such as parent and child fostering, therapeutic fostering, or caring for disabled children.

Agency pressure – foster carer’s rights

Because foster carers are such a precious resource, it’s not uncommon for your agency to apply unreasonable pressure, in an attempt to keep you, once the agency is aware of your intention to leave. If this happens, or is happening, remember that your decision to transfer is one that you have every right to make. We will be your partner in taking the next step, and by helping you to find your most suitable agency. Find out more about Fostering Agencies. 

Changing Agency Protocol

Fostering agencies and Local Authorities use the Fostering Network’s ‘Foster Carers Transfer Protocol’ guidelines.

Our Free, Confidential, Professional Foster Carer Transfer Agency Service

Our Transfer Agency Matching Service is completely free and confidential, we will not share your details with any other Agency unless you agree when contacting us, or until you decide the time is right.

UK Wide Fostering Network

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If you live in the UK… We’ve got you covered.
We cover the length and breadth of the UK with our unique Agency Network. Finding an Agency near you and supporting your move into foster caring.


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  • Managing Behaviour
  • Human Rights
  • Reviews
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