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Entertaining Alice

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Entertaining Alice

Saturday’s Fostering Blog

It’s amazing how quickly a week off goes. The time has really flown by and it’s now time to pack up. We have been staying in a cottage owned by some friends. This has been great as we have really been able to make ourselves at home here. Our friends have the house completely kitted out as they stay here pretty regularly, this means we didn’t have to buy all the extras we usually have to for holidays. The only downside was that we had to bring bedding – which we will have to take home to wash and we have to clean the house before we leave.

Cleaning a house with three children still in it is pretty difficult. I got Lauren and Annie to work in their bedroom – stripping the beds and packing their clothes. We resorted to giving Alice and iPad to watch some of her favourite programmes. Charlie and I went through the house and cleaned it top to bottom, then Charlie packed the car while I got the packed lunch together. Now feel pretty exhausted!! As Charlie had done all of the driving over the holiday (mainly because I hate driving on country roads) I offered to drive home.

It was a three hour journey home, I figured we would only need one toilet stop so we should be home mid afternoon. I soon regretted offering to drive as we hit traffic on the motorway. In the end we made two stops and it was just short of five hours door to door. Annie and Lauren are good travellers and have learnt to occupy themselves on long journeys. Alice however is high maintenance and needs entertaining. The battery on the iPad was drained from giving it to her while we were still at the holiday home, so Charlie did his best to keep her entertained. It made for a very long journey. When we got home, we managed to persuade Alice it was an early night because of the clock change. Whilst that makes no logical sense – we just needed a break! Hopefully we wont regret that decision in the morning!!

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