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Lazy mornings fostering Alice

Fulltime Foster Carer - Harriet author of: A Less Ordinary Family

Lazy mornings fostering Alice

Alice – Fostering Blogs.


The first couple of days have been good so far. Charlie and I have taken it in turns to have a later start to the morning. We haven’t seen Lauren or Annie before 11am. You could almost set your alarm clock to Alice waking up – she is always awake before 7am – whatever day of the week or time of the year, and just because we are on holiday doesn’t mean she is going to sleep in or even just stay in her bed and play for a bit. One of us has to get up with her because she needs to have her catheter done first thing.

Although she has an indwelling catheter in over night – we have found that if we don’t get up with her she will simply pull it out. And when she does that it is a nightmare – she has been lucky that she hasn’t actually injured herself or done any damage at all for that matter – but what she has done is made a huge mess.

When she pulls it out the tube that is full of urine goes everywhere – you can only imagine what a pain that is to clear up – has usually resulted in a full change o bedding, a bath for Alice and change of clothes, and sometimes cleaning the floor and walls where it has splashed. We have tried a number of things – getting super string surgical tape to keep it in place has done the trick – but now she just shouts and screams till one of us goes in.

Sometimes you just have to choose your battles and this is not one of the ones we are going to fight. For harmony in the household it is easier if one of us gets up with her. We can usually just take her downstairs and she is happy to sit and watch a movie. Friends of mine allow their kids to have a TV in their foster child’s room – this would definitely do the trick as I’m sure Alice would be happy with this. However, we have chosen not to do this as we have never allowed Lauren or Annie to have a TV in their room – and we are not going to change our minds with them. So we take the hit and get up with Alice.

Although I am quite an early bird (both ends of the day), I do miss the odd lazy start. I always think I will lie in on the days when Alice is at respite, but you can guarantee I will be up with the larks on those days. Perhaps as the girls get older I can encourage them to take a turn to get up with Alice in the holidays – I think this might be wishful thinking – I’ve probably got more chance of them spontaneously keeping their room tidy, or choosing to do their homework the day it is set!!

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