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We are looking for members your community to consider fostering in Barnet!

Simply Fostering is a free, online service dedicated to both providing information on foster care, and helping you find the most suitable agency for your needs. With extensive professional experience in the industry, our dedicated team has the expertise needed to help find the best experience in the industry for you. From the most basic information all the way through to our free application service, Simply Fostering is here to help you with foster care in Barnet and all over the UK.

If you have the time and energy to invest in the wellbeing of a young child, have a spare bedroom, and are a full UK resident, then you are most likely eligible to apply for foster care in Barnet. It is an area in particular need of new people to consider the process, however, the shortage of foster carers extends to all of the UK. As well as the emotional rewards you get from caring for a child in need, we can answer questions regarding the pay for fostering in Barnet you can receive, and help find the best fostering agency in Barnet for your personal circumstances.

Fostering in Barnet: Am I the right person for the job?

Not everyone is suited to look after a child however, people often largely exaggerate the necessary qualifications and criteria needed to apply. Firstly, you do not need any official child-care qualifications when you first apply for fostering in Barnet. In addition to this, your sexual orientation and your religion will not prevent you from fostering a child.

Just as there is huge diversity in the characteristics of the children in the care system, there needs to be a diverse range of people looking to act as foster-carers to suit the needs of the children. As well as this, you can be single and foster a child but you will need to demonstrate a sufficient network of support and flexibility in your lifestyle to be able to provide care on a full-time basis.

Many other factors will come into consideration such as your health, financial security, your home, and more. However, arguably the most important set of criteria is your personal traits and whether they are suited to care for a child coming from a potentially troubled background.

The desire to focus on providing a child whatever they need for a sense of stability at home is paramount. A huge amount of patience is in some cases required and a level of commitment must be present to spend the time needed for the process to run smoothly.

If you think this sounds like a job you could do, then you have an opportunity to make a huge change in your life and the life of a child in need. Fostering a child in Barnet would be a truly fulfilling experience and is a fantastic way to give back to your local community and its members who are most in need.

The Barnet Community

Barnet has the largest population of all the London Boroughs, at approximately 394’400 in 2018 ( Within that number, are children looking for people in their community to take them in.

The borough of Barnet is also an area currently involved in many projects looking to further increase the size, richness, and quality of the area, by doing things like investing over £800m in transport, schools, and facilities by 2025. The area is slowly changing for the better, and with that comes an increasing need for people to educate themselves on the need for fostering in Barnet, and their potential to fill the role as a carer.

A visit to one of the many places of interest in the area such as the RAF Museum or The Arts Depot centre demonstrates the richness of the community, and the high ethnic and religious diversity shows the range of people that are at the heart of the Barnet community. Allowances and pay for fostering a child in Barnet are also there, to assist you in providing a child what they need, and allow them to take advantage of and be involved in the community in which they live.

Foster Care in Barnet: Take the next step today!

If you think fostering a child might be for you, then it is worth learning a little bit more about the ins and outs of the process. Our website is dedicated to providing comprehensive information about the different stages of fostering a child, as well as being able to answer questions such as how to find the best fostering agency in Barnet for you, and details regarding how allowances and pay for fostering in Barnet work. As well as this, we provide a free, no-obligation enquiry process that starts simply by completing our online fostering eligibility quiz.

Why not apply today? You will have an idea of whether you are eligible to take on the role of a foster parent, without being obligated to anything in any way.

The Barnet community needs your help, you can make a difference!

Fostering Statistics: London

Total Children in Care, London 2020
Foster Care Placements, London 2020

The following statistics are from the total number of children in care in London, and not exclusively those in Foster Care.

Children with disability : 300
Unaccompanied Asylum Seekers : 1770

No Data Found

No Data Found

Popular Placement Types: As a modern multicultural city, London has large numbers of foster children from Black and Minority Ethnic groups.  As a result, Fostering Agencies seek BME foster carers to give these young people a culturally sensitive supportive base from which to flourish. 

18% of London’s foster care placements are for Unaccompanied Asylum Seekers. A significant number of this group are over 16 years of age and male. 

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