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Fostering Blog | Changing Social Worker

Fostering Blog | Changing Social Worker

Emma’s Fostering Blog.

Stephen is adorable, globally delayed and unfortunately had several social workers whilst living here, making it difficult for him and us. This caused anxiety and issues in being able to build a good relationship. Social workers found communicating with him challenging in knowing wishes and feeling about his perception of events. It was very frustrating at times because it just felt like a tick box exercise.

In my experience thinking about the support element in Fostering and what could be done to make it better…‘Good team around the child approach’ was now concerned I was the only person who had a relationship and understood his needs.

As a carer it can be frustrating however I feel sorry for Social workers as they seem bogged down in paper work, targets or meetings, they mean well, they want to make a difference, they came into the job in the first place to work with children and improve their lives but because of so many tick box exercises they can’t spend the quality time they want to with a child. I remember when Social workers attended open evenings or sports days.

It was a good morning I had just come back from a good positive meeting, when I had a call from his Social worker who is changing and she needed to make a date to say goodbye, I was really annoyed – another change of worker meant having to tell the child’s story all over again.

3 months later; Wow the best Social worker ever, Chloe is so on his page! She has a good professional genuine vitality and warmth, and is always there when we need her, she has an enthusiastic and imaginative approach, her straight talking attitude, upfront and honesty with us as Foster carers is not often seen- so I applaud her for that.

They get on well and have developed quite a bond, he describes her as ‘kind and nice’ and he gets really excited when she visits at home, he waits at the window to see her arrive then she always takes time, never rushes, it’s always about him, at his pace, his understanding, his wishes and feelings and really supports him to participate. When she attends School he is very proud telling everyone she is his Social worker.

This is nothing more than he deserves, at last I am so happy for him. I have been a Foster carer for many years, have worked with many Social workers but Chloe really stands out, she is so dedicated and because she makes time to know us as a family, I feel easier about the possibility of an allegation. She listens and supports us to support Dan which is great because we really feel valued, part of the team,

My thoughts are – Changes of workers impact on Carers and make it difficult to build that good working relationship which is vital in supporting a foster child.

Emma – A Foster Carer – I Love What I Do!

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