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New carers

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New Carers.

As new carers we were resilient and determined to do our job well and make a big difference, but it wasn’t easy, we went through tough times and were tested to breaking point on many occasions.

We welcomed Jessica aged 7 to our home it seemed nothing was positive on paper with so many labels. It wasn’t long before we saw her qualities, she had a lovely way about her, talkative and receptive and she soon formed a strong bond with our family members. There were times when we became exhausted, and we knew we could count on them to step in and relieve the pressure. 

Every Christmas or birthday celebration she tried to spoil, as if the green eyed monster within would erupt often violent and destructive; even to this day we sometimes see a glint of envy as others open their presents, but now she can talk about her feelings openly and with good humour.  Family holiday were difficult, despite preparing her and she would become uncomfortable in the lead up to it and the routine was different so she struggled to cope.

As the years went on this started to improve, and when she was 15 we took her to Greece and she finally managed this holiday using the many strategies we had given her. When we reflect back on her journey, we can see where those influences came from as she had a very traumatic start to life, she came in to care at just 3 years old and usually a child so young would have been adopted, but there were family issues that prevented this.

We are very proud of the young lady Jessica has become, she has worked since leaving school, lived independently for seven years, a highly valued member of our family and a firm favourite with our foster children who love her insight and empathy. She still holidays with us and we see her regularly. Jessica stayed in touch with people who over the years were always supportive, her school teachers and support staff through social media, and she never lost touch with the original Social Worker who had taken her to the Foster placement and to this day, is still in touch with her.

The continuity of Jessica’s journey has given her the best chance to break the cycle; our family count her as a daughter, sister, and a friend. When our Grandson was born Jessica was asked to be Godmother, a role which she takes very seriously.  She is very special, part of our family, we all know the journey we have made together and are forever grateful that we were given the chance to know and champion this young lady.

My thoughts are breaking the cycle has been the most important thing for us and for her, to achieve in being that strong, independent, compassionate and resilient person that she is today.

Emma – A Blogging Foster Carer – I Love What I Do!

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