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Foster care – Sibling Separation

Foster caring – Separating siblings When siblings go into foster care, they leave family members and move to a completely new environment, based on decisions made by social workers. Although it is not in their best interest for some sibling groups

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Foster Children and Bullying

Bullying in foster care Bullying in foster care in the UK is a significant issue. Children and young people  are commonly bullied up to the age of 18, and the effects of bullying can be equally, if not more severe as

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Fostering Support

Support for Foster Carers As a foster carer there are many times when friends and family want to help and support you but they don’t know how. You might be in the middle of a crisis and you can’t see

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Parenting Vs Therapeutic Parenting

Parenting Vs Therapeutic Parenting Foster Carer’s Experiences For a long time we have been “parenting” our eight year old foster child, in a similar way to the way we “parented” our birth children. We know there have been slight differences

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Fostering – What I learnt

What I learnt You learn most about fostering on the job, not from the courses or conferences you’ve been to or the qualifications you’ve got – at least that’s true for me and I say this as a professional foster

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News Roundup Autumn

Simply Fostering News Autumn  New Union Formed for Foster Carers The first foster carer trade union was formed on 19th September in Parliament by a group of current and former foster carers. The workers voted in favour of unionising and

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Why I Never Turn Down a Chance to Learn

Why I Never Turn Down a Chance to Learn Cathy Mayes Continued professional development, training and learning: It’s all in the word. “Continued” suggests that you will carry on doing it; just as training suggests that you will be taught

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News Roundup

Simply Fostering News March 2015 LGBT Fostering and Adoption Week More lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people are needed as foster carers in Wales. The campaign drive, which follows a report on how LGBT carers feel concerned about how foster

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News Roundup

Simply Fostering News May 2015 Call for Teachers to Foster Teachers in the Dorset area are being asked to consider becoming foster carers. People who are currently teaching or who have taught in the past could make ideal candidates for

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News Roundup

Simply Fostering News July 2015 Scheme enables Young People to stay in Foster Care until 21 Reforms have been introduced across Wales which mean that young people who are in foster care will be able to remain with foster families until

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Fostering children Inside out

Fostering children Inside out Have any Foster Carers taken their children to see the recently released film by Disney/Pixar ‘Inside Out’? It received mixed reviews from the psychological community with some saying it was helpful and others saying it misrepresented

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