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The Borough of Redbridge is in need of carers, could you fill the gap?

SimplyFostering is not a fostering agency. We are an independent company, providing free information on advice on how best to approach becoming a foster carer. Our website provides comprehensive, expert knowledge on different aspects of life as a carer, as well as the different stages of the application process.

If you feel you have the caring nature and commitment needed to care for a vulnerable child, then foster care may be for you. There are around 43’710 foster families in the UK (Source: The Fostering Network, Foster-Care Statistics, 2016), and the carers from each one of them come from a diverse range of backgrounds, ages, and religions. Unfortunately, this number still isn’t enough. There is an urgent need for carers in this borough of London, and the ease of access to information and support for fostering in Redbridge has never been better.

Why foster a child in Redbridge?

Taking the steps to foster a child can benefit both you and the child in question, in a variety of ways. The most obvious one is perhaps simply being able to provide a secure, safe environment for a child who has come from troubled (and potentially abusive) conditions at home.

Being in a position such as this at such a young age is something no child should have to go through, and by choosing to take someone in you are providing a comfortable, loving alternative to what they may have been used to. As a result, you will be providing the child with as good an environment as possible to help deal with any psychological or behavioural issues they may be experiencing.

As well as the stability in home life you will provide, taking a child in may also give him or her the academic stability they need, to effectively learn and be lead in the right direction for future prospects. Depending on their individual circumstances, a child in the care system may not have had the opportunity to be part of the same school for any prolonged period of time, or in some rare cases, they may not have had access to any sort of education at all. By choosing to foster a child in Redbridge, they will be given the opportunity to focus more at school and consider the importance of academics, while having less to worry about at home.

Fostering allowances in Redbridge

Do you have questions regarding the pay for fostering in Redbridge? Money should not be the driving motive in the decision to foster, but allowances for foster carers are an important subject and are there to help provide for the needs of you and the child.

The amount foster carers are paid depends partly on the agency they go through, so there is no fixed amount you may receive. As well as the agency, the type of care you are providing and the number of children in care are also taken into account.

The payments made are designed to assist in providing for the basic needs of the child. Things such as food, clothing, transport, and personal items are all areas in which the allowance is there to assist you. For more information on allowances for fostering in Redbridge, or how to find the best fostering agency in Redbridge for you, take a look around our website.

Redbridge Information

The Borough of Redbridge has a population of around 296’800 people, with children making up about 23% of this number. (Source: mid-2015 population estimates, Office for National Statistics). The number of people living in the area is growing every year, as is the number of children entering the care system. As a result, fostering in Redbridge is more important now than ever before.

Bordering Havering, Barking and Dagenham, Newham, and Waltham Forest- Redbridge is a key member of the boroughs of London with an interesting history.

One of the main districts of the borough is Ilford town, which has mentions in historical records dating back nearly 1000 years. The area remained fairly rural up until the 19th century, at which point the population began to shoot up, and the development of industry and the introduction of large firms lead the town into what it is today. Redbridge Museum is situated in the town, along with the impressive Ilford Hospital Chapel and Valentines park, all of which add to the town’s unique character.

The remainder of the population is spread across other largely populated districts, such as Barkingside and Goodmayes.

Why SimplyFostering?

At SimplyFostering we have your best intentions for you and the children at heart. Together, our team has over 80 years of professional experience working with foster carers and foster children in the UK.

Choosing the right agency is something that concerns many potential foster carers. With so many to choose from, and differences in the support and training available, we know the process can be difficult. That’s why we provide only the most relevant information gained from professional experience, to help find the best fostering agency in Redbridge for you.

If you live in the area and think the role might suit you, why not take it a step further? Our website contains information on each step of the process, as well as more information on the pay for fostering in Redbridge, and whether or not it is for you. Then, if you like what you see, why not complete our online fostering eligibility quiz, and gain access to our free fostering handbook?

Apply for fostering in Redbridge today, and provide a helping hand to the children in your area who need it most!

Fostering Statistics: London

Total Children in Care, London 2020
Foster Care Placements, London 2020

The following statistics are from the total number of children in care in London, and not exclusively those in Foster Care.

Children with disability : 300
Unaccompanied Asylum Seekers : 1770

No Data Found

No Data Found

Popular Placement Types: As a modern multicultural city, London has large numbers of foster children from Black and Minority Ethnic groups.  As a result, Fostering Agencies seek BME foster carers to give these young people a culturally sensitive supportive base from which to flourish. 

18% of London’s foster care placements are for Unaccompanied Asylum Seekers. A significant number of this group are over 16 years of age and male. 

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Did you Know - Redbridge?

Named after the bridge that once lay over the River Roding (demolished in 1921), the Borough of Redbridge was formed in 1965.

Redbridge was also once home to quite a variety of notable people. Simon Amstell, the comedian and TV presenter most famous for hosting Never Mind the Buzzcocks, was born in the borough. Bernard Ashmole, CBE, also grew up in the area and was known for his work in archaeology and art history. Kenny Ball, the famous jazz musician also grew up in the area, as did many more.

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