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Another groundhog weekend! Football Saturday morning, a home fixture so not a lot of traveling involved. James (name changed) scored 2 goals and missed a penalty but it didn’t really mean much as his team won 7-0.

However, James had the hump all weekend as a result. The £5 per goal bet also included a bonus if he scored a hat trick so he missed out. It wasn’t a bad penalty just a good save by the opposition goalkeeper.

We stopped on the way home for some food and James wanted to buy a couple more fish for the aquarium. We sat and watched football in the afternoon. James had a party in the evening that he was attending with Paige.

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I had agreed to drop off and Paige’s Mum was doing the pickup. James had bought a new shirt and looked very smart. He nicked some of my aftershave which you could smell about a mile away. I took some pictures of him and some more of him and Paige as they looked like such a great couple.

The house looked very busy when I dropped them off but the party was being controlled by the lad’s parents and older brothers. James got home about half past midnight and had enjoyed a great evening.

On Sunday we were lazy, very lazy. No alarms, no going out, just a quiet day with eating and football. I cooked egg on toast for us both in the morning. Neither of us got dressed, we both lounged about in shorts and tee shirts.

We watched football in the afternoon and just chilled and chatted, it was very relaxing. James was very chatty and kept saying how happy and lucky he was. I agreed but also told him that he had deserved his life and he was only enjoying what the majority of kids did.

In the evening James helped cook Sunday dinner and it was the best shepherd’s pie I had tasted for some time. I cooked too much but it was all eaten anyway. After the football in the evening we watched a film James decided he wanted to watch something funny so I recommended the first Airplane film which is one of my favourites.

James reluctantly agreed. After 30 minutes he was in tears crying. In fact, I had never seen him laugh so much. By the end of the film, he had laughed so much that he literally missed some jokes laughing at the previous joke.

After the film had finished we sorted ourselves out for the coming week. We have got in the habit, on a Sunday evening, of sitting and telling each other what our plans are for the week and whether we had anything going on that the other should know about.

James went up to bed at 10 and I loaded the dishwasher and locked it up. As I walked up the stairs I could hear him laughing.

I asked what he was laughing at and he replied that he was still remembering parts of the film we had watched. I said good night and bang, that was the weekend finished.

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