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Peace and quiet. James (name changed) had gone off to stay at Paige’s parent’s place, down in the country, and I am left to my own devices. Bless his cotton socks, he’s a good lad but it’s nice to concentrate on myself and come and go as I please.

He was excited to be going off and I helped him pack a bag for the 5 days he was down there. He would be coming back on the Tuesday after Easter so I packed his 2 Easter eggs and one for Paige. He laughed when I gave them to him and claimed he wasn’t a child so I said I would eat them. He quickly changed his mind. So there I was in a very quiet house.

The first thing I did was to do a bit of a spring clean. I pretty much cleaned the house from top to toe. I opened all the windows and doors to let some fresh air through. After about 2 hours I got a call from one of the prospective male carers I had spoken to before. He had finished his form-F assessment and was going to panel the following week. He asked for some tips and I just said be yourself and be honest. I’ve never found panel daunting but I know some do. Also most panels are still online and that makes communication a little bit harder which can cause issues.

We chatted for about an hour and he promised to give me a call after panel to let me know how it had gone. The rest of the day was quiet. I sat out in the garden, after my domestic chores, and enjoyed a coffee whilst I lapped up the spring sunshine. I spoke to my eldest son, who was booking golf, and organised a venue and a tee off time for a round of golf over the weekend. 

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The following day was quiet too although that was punctuated by James calling to say they had arrived safely and that he had unpacked and was heading to the pool. He asked if I missed him and, of course, I said no. He laughed and said that he knew that would be my answer. I told him to have a great time. I had given him some money for when he was away but he had never spent any before and came back with everything I had given him. He said that Paige had said thanks for the Easter egg and they had started on them last night. A little premature but I don’t blame him, Id of done the same. That evening they were going into town to have a Chinese meal so I wished him fun and off he went.

All the talk of Chinese meals had made me fancy one but I resisted and had cooked a steak and some chips for tea. After eating I watched some TV and had an early night as it had been a busy day. Maybe it was the lavender floor bleach that had tired me out.

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