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James (name changed) really enjoyed himself spending time with my family and also enjoying time with Paige and her family.

Unfortunately Mum decided to get involved by constantly trying to ring both on James’ phone and the home phone.

We ignored these calls and decided, on Christmas Eve, to block her number. However Mum decided to call by withholding her number. James turned his phone to silent and we carried on with our day but I could see it was unsettling him.

We exchanged all the gifts once my sons had arrived and James was delighted with his presents, which mainly consisted of clothes, smellies and a PS game.

James, bless him, helped with some of the dinner preparation and we sat down to dinner about 2pm. It was lovely! We were all stuffed afterwards. We found a film to watch and one by one we managed to drop off.

The boys then decided to play the PlayStation and I went to the kitchen to clear up, helped by the boy’s partners. The kitchen was clean and sparkly and we rejoined the boys who were getting very excited playing James’ new game.

Fostering Blog

The boys left about 6pm and we just sat and chilled. James was on the phone to Paige and was having a nice chat. On Boxing Day James was going to Paige’s and I was going to one of my sons for the day. James was staying over Boxing Day night so he went and packed few bits.

We left, on Boxing Day at about 10am as James was getting impatient to get over to Paige’s. I dropped him off but went in for a cuppa with Paige’s Mum and Dad. I left and started the 45 minute journey to my youngest son’s house.

I had a lovely day there eating and watching a football match on the telly. I left about 5pm and drove home. I sat and relaxed and watched some telly and went to bed about 11pm. The next morning, after trying to figure out what day it was, I got up and did a few chores around the house.

James wasn’t due back until the evening so I went for a drive and walk and felt really good having some exercise after the food excesses of the previous 2 days. I had a nice slow journey home and waited for James to return home, which he did about 7pm.

I invited Paige and her dad in and they had a cuppa and a chat. Paige’s Dad asked about James’ Mum and the fact that she kept calling.

I gave him some brief details and he rolled his eyes and asked if there was anything I could do. I explained that the Social Worker had spoken to Mum before Christmas but she had ignored everything she had been asked and had constantly called over the holidays.

They left and we sat and had a chat while he showed me what Paige and her parents had bought him and he told me how delighted Paige was with what he had bought her.

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