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Well, winter has arrived with a bang. James’ (name changed) match on Saturday was played in a gale and monsoon amongst a leaves-covered pitch. They won but James didn’t score so it was a cheap weekend for me. The showers at the venue were rubbish so James put his tracksuit over his dirty kit and we went straight home.

When we got back he stripped all his gear off and plonked it in the washing machine and then went for a long soak in the bath. Paige came over in the afternoon so I left them in peace and watched the telly in the dining room. Paige stayed for dinner so I got a Chinese takeaway and we sat eating that and chatting.

We talked about plans and I was happy to see James talking, openly, about the situation with his Mum. He was quite open about seeing her for a couple of hours but no more than that. He was unaware of the conversations which had been had subsequently. Interestingly enough he said that he didn’t think that he would be seeing Mum.

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He didn’t think she would want to be dictated to by social services and adhere to their rules and would rather not see him. It was a sad indictment but he wasn’t looking for sympathy he was simply stating a fact. We watched a film in the evening and then we took Paige home afterward.

Sunday, as usual, was a lazy day. We both got up late and sat and had breakfast indoors as, yet again, it was raining out and definitely staying in the weather. So I cooked a nice fry up for us both. One of my sons came round in the afternoon so we watched football and then my son and James played FIFA on the PlayStation.

It was a nice afternoon very peaceful and relaxed. My son left late afternoon and I cooked us dinner and we ate it whilst watching football. After clearing up we sat and talked about our plans for the week. It was a quiet week which was nice.

James and Paige were going to a big firework display the following weekend but had already made plans with Paige’s dad regarding travel plans. James didn’t think he had a match on Saturday and was planning to spend the day at Paige’s house.

On Monday James went off to school and I had a quiet morning and did a few chores inside and out. James needed a couple of school shirts so I bought them and got some bits and pieces as well.

The car was due for its MOT the following day so I took it through the car wash and gave it a bit of a tidy. I was confident it would pass. Had a quick catch-up with the social worker regarding James’ mum and Christmas but Mum wasn’t returning calls so there was no update.

I think James’ analysis at the weekend was correct and James’ Mum would rather not see him if she didn’t get her own way. It’s a shame but at least not a surprise for James.

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