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Fostering Blog | Fun Weekend

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A nice peaceful weekend in the household. No phone calls, no stress and plenty of laughter and enjoyment. On Friday evening James (name changed) and I went to do some grocery shopping and we bumped into Paige and her Mum.

James was delighted to see her and they went for a wander themselves while I chatted to her Mum and then finished my shopping. When I got to the tills James was standing there with a big soppy grin on his face. We got home, via the chippy, and sat and watched TV while eating. There was a Star Wars film on so we watched that.

James went off to bed at about 11 and I wasn’t long after that, I think the stress of the week was catching up. On Saturday James did his homework while I pottered about in the kitchen and did some washing. Once he had finished we sat and watched the football on the TV which was fun and then had something to eat.

We then watched the next match and then we decided to watch the boxing. So it was pretty much a ‘lads’ day consisting of sports and food. On Sunday we went to the garden centre, just for something to do, and we went to look at the aquarium supplies as James had mentioned he wanted one and I’d always fancied one myself so we had a look at the tanks and the fish.

Anyway £250 later we left with a large tank, some gravel and other bits to put in the tank. The chap in the shop said that we should fill the tank and let it settle for a few days before putting fish in.

So we got home, unpacked the tank and its stand and positioned it in a few different places before we settled for a position in the dining room. We then put the gravel in followed by the water and something to help prepare the water for putting the fish in. That was all we could do at that stage. James had assured me that he would undertake cleaning duties for the tank.

The shop had given us a brochure about how to look after the tank and what fish to choose so James spent the next couple of hours engrossed in that while I put the Sunday roast on.

There were three football matches on, that afternoon, so that the rest of our day sorted. We sat and watched the games punctuated by dinner at about 2pm. James phoned Paige after the second game and I took the opportunity to load the dishwasher and sort James’ clothes out for the week. After he finished his phone call we watched the last game and the James went off to have a bath and sort his bag out. He was in bed at 10 and I hit the hay about 11 after just updating my diary.

It had been a fun weekend with no unpleasant phone calls and, more importantly, a happy couple of days for James. What would the week bring?

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