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The coincidence was amazing! After telling you about a previous placement contacting me last week I have another contact me over the weekend. Ruby (name changed) came to us whilst we were working for a local authority. She was new born and picked up from our local maternity hospital.

Mum, for cultural reasons, had decided, from day 1 of her pregnancy that she would hand the baby straight to social services. She gained my respect by doing that. She had refused to terminate the pregnancy as well. So the whole situation was planned out with military precision and we were ready to take her as soon as she was born.

Mum had also decided that she didn’t want any form of letterbox contact either. So we took her at 3 days old. She had no health issues and was a beautiful little girl. We had her for 2 years until they found a couple who wanted to adopt her. Ruby was dual heritage (Asian/White UK) as was the adopting couple.

Of all the goodbyes we have had to endure this was by far the hardest. Having cared for her for all this time and from a new born it felt like giving your own child up however you tried to think about it. So saying goodbye was terrible hard and we had decided we would take a break away from fostering.

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However that didn’t quite work out as Ruby left on the Saturday and our next placement arrived on Tuesday. Actually having another placement so quickly worked well. Someone else to focus on and the pain of Ruby moving on subsided. The adoptive parents kept in contact and then, once old enough, Ruby would send letters and photos, which she has done to this day.

The weekend was spent, revising, relaxing and being spoilt for Father’s Day. Saturday Paige came over and the two of them spent time revising and ‘chilling’ out. We got a takeaway in the evening, watched a film and generally relaxed. On Sunday we had a full house with my sons, their partners and my granddaughter coming over for the day. James (name changed) decided he would cook dinner for us and the girls went and helped a bit in the kitchen. It was lovely sitting up to the table and seeing James being part of the family and laughing and joking.

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We delegated my sons to clear the dinner table and load the dishwasher which they did although the girls checked how they had loaded it and made some adjustments. We all sat, stuffed to the gills, and enjoyed the Grand Prix on telly.

The boys left to go off to their respective homes and James chatted to Paige on the phone for a while until he went off to bed about 10.

I did my usual routine of updating my diary and other admin stuff before heading off about 1130. James had a busy week ahead so I made sure my week was planned around him and any assistance he required. He went off Monday and I did a few chores and then picked him up from school, as a surprise.

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