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The Lurgy | Foster Carers Blog

Football cancelled this week due to the weather forecast. However, the day itself wasn’t too bad. It was a bit windy and very cold.

James (name changed) was disappointed but that didn’t last long once he’d gone outside and felt how cold it was. So we decided to go to the golf driving range and hit golf balls. We got a bucket each, of approximately 75 balls, and sprayed them in all directions with a, very, occasional straight one.

We then went in the clubhouse for some well-deserved food. After that, we headed home, via the supermarket. Paige called saying that she wasn’t feeling very well and had taken a Covid test which had shown negative. So his plans for Sunday were cancelled too. However, considering the forecast for Sunday, it was a blessing in disguise.

So the rest of Saturday was spent in football mode with the two of us glued to the televised football. Dinner was Chinese and we watched a film in the evening, James’ choice.

Sunday was a lay in day. I was up first at 10 and James appeared about 1130. We headed off to one of our favourite venues for Brunch and then made our way home for the football. James spoke to Paige and she was still feeling rough and said she was unlikely to be at school Monday.

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Sunday afternoon was spent sat in the warm watching it try to snow. All around the country seemed to get some but we were left out. As the afternoon went on James started feeling ill. I took his temperature, which was high and he started coughing. I gave him a Covid test and he too showed as negative.

By the evening he was feeling really ill so he went off to bed with paracetamol and plenty of water. The poor lad didn’t get much sleep and there was no way he could go to school the next day. I stuck my head around the door and told him that he wasn’t well enough to turn off his alarm and sleep.

Unlike most kids he didn’t get excited about having time off school as he enjoyed seeing his mates. However, given how cold it was and how grotty he felt he was actually quite relieved. So before I went to bed I emailed his school to say he wouldn’t be there the next day and I copied his SW and my Link worker to keep them in the picture.

I heard James coughing in the night and he got up a couple of times for the loo which showed he was drinking his water.

On Monday morning I just let him sleep and stay in the warm. I had no reason to go out so I just sat and read and did a few chores indoors. He surfaced mid-morning but looked very rough. I made him a cuppa but he didn’t want anything to eat which was a sign of how ill he really was. He went back to bed and slept.

I had a couple of messages asking how he was and that was the day virtually gone. I made him more tea and some toast and he stayed in bed to keep warm. I heard him chatting to Paige and jokingly accusing her of giving him the lurgy. More tablets and water and that was his day done.

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