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The borough of Waltham Forest needs new carers.

Simply Fostering is a free national information and online application service, here to encourage everyone to educate themselves on what foster care is and the lives it can change. With so many young people in the UK in need of a carer, fostering in Waltham Forest is needed now more than ever. If you are interested in the welfare of these children, our website contains all the information you need to find out more, as well as a free application process if you’re ready to take the next step.

If you are over the age of 21, have a spare bedroom in your home, and think you have what it takes to help a vulnerable young person, then foster care could be the next step in your life. The application process available for fostering in Waltham Forest has never been simpler, and the list of ways it can help both you and young people in your community has never been larger.

What support will you receive?

If you are considering foster care in Waltham Forest, it is important to remember that you will not be going through the process alone. Fostering a child is a truly rewarding job, but one which can be challenging at times. To allow the best possible experience for you and the child involved, carers need to be well supported by their fostering service. Agencies in the UK do what they can to ensure a healthy relationship can develop between carers and children, by providing a range of training, support, and financial allowances.

While carers are the ones providing day-to-day care, they act as part of a team of people devoted to providing a safe environment for the foster child to be in. The agency you work for is responsible for providing training courses to develop the skills required to care for potentially challenging children. As well as this, visits from supervising social workers, planned short ‘respite’ breaks, and fostering support groups are also often available to you.

You might have questions about the allowance you will receive for taking in a child, or about which fostering agency pays the most in Waltham Forest. The financial benefits of foster care should not be the driving force in your decision to foster but are of course an important factor to consider. Carers can expect to receive allowances for fostering in Waltham Forest of at least £400 per week. This figure will vary depending on the type of care you provide, the agency you choose to go with, and the number of children you take on. More and more people are now looking at foster care as a career choice and one which allows you to help young people like few other careers can.

Which is the best fostering agency in Waltham Forest?

The training and support mentioned earlier will vary depending on which fostering agency you choose to go through. The best fostering agency in Waltham Forest may vary from individual to individual and might depend on the type of foster care you are interested in, as well as your individual circumstances and your experience in working with children.

The pay for fostering in Waltham Forest will also vary with the agency you choose to go through, so the importance you put on the allowance might change which agency you are best suited to. For a more in-depth consideration of your circumstances, we encourage you to get in contact with SimplyFostering for further information specific to what you are interested in. Our team of social workers have been working in professional fostering services for over 30 years and can help give you the information that really matters.

There are a large number of fostering agencies in Waltham Forest, and a huge amount of information online which can overwhelming. We are here to fill you in on the important stuff, whether it’s regarding support and pay for fostering in Waltham Forest, or deciding which agency is for you, SimplyFostering is here to help.

The Waltham Forest Community

Waltham Forest is home to an estimated 271’200 residents and is one of the most diverse areas of the country, with around 48% of residents being from a minority ethnic background (Source: 2015 mid-year population estimates, Office for National Statistics). The children in the care system in Waltham Forest are no exception to these statistics, with children from a variety of ethnic backgrounds in need of a carer. The borough of Waltham Forest borders Enfield, Haringey, Hackney, Newham and Redbridge.

Fostering agencies in Waltham Forest need warm-hearted, committed members of the community to step up and help provide the support disadvantaged children need to achieve their potential, too.

Foster care in Waltham Forest: Could you join the family?

If you think fostering might be for you, then SimplyFostering can help you take the next step. Our website contains comprehensive information on all aspects of life as a carer, from who can foster and the impact it will have on your life.  As well as this, we provide a free, no-obligation enquiry process that starts simply by completing our online fostering eligibility quiz.

Fostering Statistics: London

Total Children in Care, London 2020
Foster Care Placements, London 2020

The following statistics are from the total number of children in care in London, and not exclusively those in Foster Care.

Children with disability : 300
Unaccompanied Asylum Seekers : 1770

No Data Found

No Data Found

Popular Placement Types: As a modern multicultural city, London has large numbers of foster children from Black and Minority Ethnic groups.  As a result, Fostering Agencies seek BME foster carers to give these young people a culturally sensitive supportive base from which to flourish. 

18% of London’s foster care placements are for Unaccompanied Asylum Seekers. A significant number of this group are over 16 years of age and male. 

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Did you Know - Waltham Forest?

It is an area with a rich and interesting history, particularly with regard to Roman activity in the area. Many stone-age remains and Roman relics have been found scattered around the borough, implying a significant Roman occupation. Today the borough boasts a unique character and a vibrant community and is home to areas such as the south of Epping forest, the William Morris Gallery, and Walthamstow Stadium.

Notable people from the area include professional footballer David Beckham, critic and chef Fanny Cradock, and film director and producer Alfred Hitchcock.

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