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BLOG – Christmas festivities

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BLOG – Christmas festivities

Monday’s Foster Care Blog

Today marks the start of the last week of school and the beginning of a week of Christmas festivities. I feel like I really need to get organised, as the children break up at the end of the week and I still have lots of Christmas shopping to do. In my usual organised way, I bought all my Christmas cards and wrapping paper in the January sales. Trouble is we moved house earlier this year and I have no idea where I put the cards! I have not yet given in and bought new ones. I know if I buy more cards then I will find the ones I bought in the sales. I know as the last posting dates loom I will be forced to buy new cards if I cannot find them. Either that or I have a year off sending cards – right now that sounds very appealing!

I really need to get my head in the game this week with so much going on – Annie is playing in the school orchestra this evening, Lauren is taking part in the school Christingle service on Tuesday evening, Alice and Lauren have Christmas dinners on Wednesday and they need the correct money for school. On Wednesday evening the girls are all going to the hairdressers. Then there are the class parties on Thursday, both Alice and Lauren have to take a plate with party food to school, then finally on the last day Annie has a half day and is going to a friends after school, followed by the youth group Christmas Party where she is going in fancy dress and wants her hair curled. Not much going on then!

It will be great to finally get to the end of term, and it is good news that this year the schools break up early. Christmas day falls almost exactly in the middle of the holidays and means that we have a chance of resting before the big day looms! Last year Lauren had tonsillitis on Christmas day, and I am convinced this was because she had no time to rest and recuperate between the end of school and the following Christmas festivities. So whilst this week may be incredibly busy, it is good to know that there is ample time to recuperate next week – we have several ‘pyjama’ days planned already! It reminds me that often we work hard so that we can rest, but perhaps it is better to rest so that we can get the most out of the busy times!

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