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Fostering Blog | Annie’s Turn

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Fostering Blog | Annie’s Turn

Sunday’s Fostering Blog

It has been one of those busy weekends where we have definitely felt like a taxi service. It started on Friday with Lauren going to a sleepover with her youth group. They were meeting in a venue in the middle of the countryside – fortunately just less than half an hour away. On Saturday morning Alice went to her disabled club. It is about twenty minutes drive away and because it only runs for two hours, we generally just go to get a coffee while we wait. Charlie decided to make the most of having the time one to one with Annie, I have a feeling they may have popped into town to do a bit of shopping for my birthday this week. Talk about leaving it to the last minute. It could be worse – at least he’s not getting my gifts from the petrol station!! Meanwhile I was off to the charity shops. Lauren informed me on Friday that she needs an outfit to upcycle for monday. She has to make a costume in the style of Delores Umbridge from Harry Potter. A little random I thought – and as I discovered after visiting 12 charity shops – almost impossible to buy for. In the end I opted for a knee length jumper that she can add to and make it look a little more like the character.

After Charlie and Annie picked Alice up, we met back at home for a quick bite to eat before getting back in the car to collect Lauren from the sleepover. We were definitely not impressed to find out that she had not had any sleep the night before. I guess we will be in for a very grumpy Lauren for the next day or so while she recovers.

Now it’s Annie’s turn in the taxi. She had arranged a sleepover at a friends house on Saturday night. As it was over half an hour away, Charlie and I decided to take the most of the opportunity and we went to see some old friends after we dropped Annie off. Like Lauren the day before, when we collected Annie, we found that she too had very little sleep. We decide to head home and have a VERY chilled afternoon. Both girls do not cope well without sleep, and so they needed careful management of their behaviour throughout the afternoon and into the evening as they were very snappy with everyone! All things considered, the girls had a fabulous weekend and it has been well worth the fall out from lack of sleep. Such events make positive memories and we will always do our best to ensure they can participate in such things.

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