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Fostering Blog | Bucket list

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Fostering Blog | Bucket list

Saturday’s Fostering Blog

Today we had a much needed respite break. Alice went to our friends for the day while we took Lauren and Annie into the city shopping. We made a day of it and so travelled in by train. We had forgotten how little we use public transport these days since having Alice. It always seems so much more convenient to drive everywhere with the wheelchair and then park up using the blue badge.

However, we realise that Lauren and Annie have missed the experience of travelling into the city by train. They were both so excited, it felt like an adventure. They felt quite grown-up that they were given the responsibility of having their own tickets and having to put them through the barriers to get on to the platforms when leaving and arriving. We realised they had no idea about the train timetable etc so had to get them up to speed so they knew what time the train was coming and on which platform!

Once in the city, they enjoyed meandering around the shops, without the usual moaning from Alice. They got to spend their pocket money on what I would call “nonsense items” and Charlie would call “tat”. I didn’t care a bit though, because it was so lovely to see how much pleasure it gave them both to have such freedom. It was great enjoying lunch out at a fast food restaurant, no dramas no antics, just good company and good conversation.

On the way home we were playing games on the train to pass the time, when Lauren suddenly stood up on the train walked from one end of the carriage to the other. We asked her what on earth she was doing. She said “I’ve always wanted to do that – to get up and walk on a moving train. It’s on my bucket list!” We were totally intrigued by this and asked her what else was on her bucket list. She replied “Oh you know things like, get into a food fight, eat a doughnut without licking my lips, drive a train. That is a great bucket list. That’s my girl.

I love that she has a bucket list. I love what is on her bucket list. It is a good reminder to me that Lauren is a brilliant extrovert funny girl. I think sometimes we forget how brilliant she is. The focus and attention in our family is often on Alice. Today I am reminded how much I need to see the beauty and brilliance of both Annie and Lauren and remember that they need attention to.

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