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Fostering Blog | Fingers crossed

Tuesday’s Fostering Blog

Today has been one of those really frustrating days you know those days where you have a list as long as your arm to get through on your to do list and you just don’t seem to be making any headway. The day started pretty badly when we were on the walk to school. Half way between here and school is a level crossing. It can sometimes feel a little frustrating when we get there when a train is approaching and we have to wait until the barriers go up – they are normally the days when we are running late.

But today getting halfway to school we find the barriers are down and the road is closed. It was frustrating because that meant we had to double back on ourselves and walk the long way round. Although there is a bridge over the level Crossing we are not able to use the bridge because there are steps up and down and therefore we cannot get Alice in her wheelchair over the bridge. So the result was that Alice was late to school. This is never a good start for her because it means she cannot go into class with her friends. Because she is late she has to go in through reception and wait for her teaching assistant to come to collect her.

Alice does not like change and she does not like being late. And whilst the road was closed and there was no sign to tell us of this fact, Alice obviously put two and two together and decided that it was entirely my fault. I have learnt over the years not to be sensitive when she blames me for things outside of my control. I simply look ahead and try to go to my happy place while she has an outburst. Of course by the time we reach school, she has calmed down and you would never know she had had such an outburst.

Fingers crossed she will have a better start to her school day. I returned home the short way going over the bridge over the level crossing and I attempted to tackle the to do list. After catching up with daily notes medication records and invasive procedure records, I am pretty much done for the day so much for getting through that list. Tomorrow is a new day and I do hope for a much smoother start.

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