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Fostering Blog | Four Teeth

Thursday’s Fostering Blog

So we are well and truly in to the new school term which means now the new term of appointments has also begun. We had a lovely lull over the summer with only a couple of appointments, but today it is back to reality with a dental appointment.

I always have to get myself geared up and ready for Alice to have an almighty outburst. Unfortunately many previous times at the dentist have ended in tears and tantrums. It has to be said they are not always Alices tears, there have been many occasions where I have just wanted to put my head in my hands and burst into tears myself.

When Alice came into our care nearly 5 years ago she still at the age of three had all of her milk teeth, it was very clear from the state of them that she had problems. The likelihood is the combination of poor diet and lack of brushing resulted in many of her teeth being rotten or needing filling.

The first thing to happen was for four teeth to be removed at the local Children’s Hospital. Following this we have had many appointments to try and save the rest of her teeth. At each visit she requires either fillings or sealants. Depending on how Alice is feeling, the appointments can range from fairly straightforward to being complex and drawn out. She can create a drama over the simplest of things and whilst I have learnt to ignore most of it the Community Dentist has not and can often without intention add to the drama.

Today I was ready for the drama and surprisingly Alice had other ideas. She was an angel and the appointment proved to be the most straightforward that I’ve ever seen. It is amazing that after all this time fostering, the child who I am pretty much able to predict most of the time can still really surprise me. Today was a great day and one to remember.

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