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Fostering Blog | Ironing

Monday’s Fostering Blog

After a day at home, the events of last weeks camping seem to fade in our memories. One thing remains though, we accumulated eight loads of washing which needs to be sorted this week before we go away on our family summer holiday. The weather remains changeable, so it’s not looking likely that I will be able to hang the washing out to dry. These are the times when I am so glad we invested in a tumble dryer! Having a foster child with additional needs often means we have additional washing although she is small she does often go through a lot of outfits in the course of a week. So we really have to keep on top of the washing, or she will run out of clothes!

I remember a few years ago a good friend telling me that sometimes when life is busy you have to prioritise the things that are most important and those that are not you just have to cut out of life. One of the things for us, was ironing! So with the exception of Charlies work shirts and school uniforms, we rarely iron anything. This does mean however that when the washing is dry it needs to be folded straight away and then it really really doesn’t need to be ironed. I’m sure I have saved many hours of ironing over the years. My Nan would be horrified if she knew how slovenly I was with it, she was so meticulous at ironing everything not just clothes, but underwear tea towels and bedding too!!

With the weather a bit iffy today I have enforced a duvet day. The washing Machine and tumble dryer are working all day, meanwhile I sit with the kids watching DVDs for pretty much most of the day Charlie has had to return to work but will be home in time for dinner. Negotiating film watching between three children of different ages with different tastes is like working in the diplomatic service. In the end we agree to disagree and we just have each child pick one film and watch them back to back with a quick pause for lunch. Not my best parenting day but we had very few disagreements. Now to just muster up a little more energy to get through the rest of the week before we go away on holiday.

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