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Fostering Blog | Jobs to Do

Tuesday’s Fostering Blog

Alice is back at school today, Lauren and Annie have a teacher training day – so I have a day at home with them. I spent most of the day labelling everything – uniform, coats, lunch boxes and water bottles etc. I had quite a list of jobs to get done, and I am trying to help the girls become a bit more independent, so am including them in “helping” get through the list! Funnily enough they didn’t see it the same way as I did and were not too impressed. After they had tidied their rooms and cleaned out the guinea pigs, I sent them off to the local shop together to get lunch. I may have thrown a little incentive their way by allowing them to get some sweets with the change.

When everything was ticked off the list, Lauren, Annie and I got ready to go for a jog. Over the holidays, Annie and I had decided to start the Couch to 5K programme. We had both felt pretty unfit over the holiday and so decided to do something about it. Lauren hates to feel she is missing out on anything, so has decide to join us! I had loaded the App onto my phone, and after a short warm up and stretch we were off. We were alternating between 60 second jogs and 90 second walks. It didn’t sound too bad when we were reading about it at home, but now we were actually doing it, the reality was much harder.

To begin with both Lauren an Annie were running ahead of me, I decided to keep at my own pace and let them go ahead. I noticed about half way round Lauren was starting to flag a little. I asked Annie to stay with her. I kept going, and despite wanting to stop pretty much most of every jog, I did keep going. And I was pleased to see that Lauren persevered and kept going too. I was grateful to Annie for sticking with her, even though I could see she was raring to go ahead.

I felt really proud of us all for making it back in one piece. I have to admit though, I think I will probably leave there kids at home when I go next time. I must make sure there is a next time – I am good at starting things and not continuing – this time I really want to follow through!! The day had soon gone and after a quick shower, we were off to collect Alice from school. She had a great day, enjoying being with a new teacher. Her teaching assistants and personal carer remain the same, so lots of good continuity. Hoping for a good start for Lauren at her new school and Annie in her new class tomorrow too.

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