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Fostering Blog | No Children

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Fostering Blog | No Children

Saturday’s Fostering Blog

Here is a piece of advice for you – never take children with you to Ikea if you actually need to buy things. I found this out the hard way today. Charlie has been away with his brother over the weekend. I thought it would be a great idea to get some jobs ticked off my huge to do list. One of the things on the list was to buy new photograph frames, so that we can put some up to date family pictures up on the wall. Although I very much love looking at the girls when when they were in their toddler years – I would like some that are more recent! I thought that with the promise of lunch in the restaurant and ice-cream on the way back to the car it would be a piece of cake.

What I discovered was, that it was all fun and games walking around the showroom. Lauren and Annie loved going into the rooms – getting “ideas” for their bedrooms and for their future homes. Even Alice was getting into it – working out what she did and didn’t like. However, by the time we reached the market place, all three of them had lost the will to live. No matter how much I kept reminding them of lunch and ice-cream they just whinged and whined.

I began to feel hassled and rushed, and even though I had a list in front of me, I simply could not concentrate. I suddenly felt overwhelmed by the choice of frames before me. I tried to visualise what style, size and colour would go in our lounge. It was no use, we had reached capacity and we were not making any progress, so I made a quick decision on the frames. I know I can always return them at a later date if they are not quite right. So it was time to head to the restaurant. After meatballs and chips all round and refills on the fizzy drinks, we made our way to the exit. When we got to the tills, I realised there were a couple of things I had forgotten. I decided not to risk going back – as the children may really lose the plot, and I didn’t want to risk total meltdown. There’s only one thing for it, I will have to return to get the rest of the items on the list – and next time with no children!!

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