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Fostering Blog | Rescued

Saturday’s Fostering Blog

We decided not to bring the big Motability car away this week, after all we didn’t need the huge boot space which normally houses Alice’s wheelchair. Alice is away on respite this week, so we are having a bit of time away just the four of us. We decided to bring Charlie’s smaller car away as we thought it better for nipping about on holiday, and it isn’t the gas guzzler that the motability car is. It wasn’t long before we came to regret that decision.

Today when we were out in the car, the engine started to overheat, water poured into the footwell and an emergency warning message came up on the dashboard. So, we had to call out the breakdown services. Fortunately we did pay for a three year warranty with the garage when we bought the car, so breakdown assistance was included.

It was Lauren and Annie’s first experience of having to wait for the breakdown services. Charlie and I reminisced about times in our childhood when on many occasions we would have to wait at the roadside, to be rescued by breakdown services or if we were fairly local then family members would come to our aid. We could see they were a little apprehensive, Lauren was biting her nails, so we tried to distract them by playing some music in the car. Playing the soundtrack of Disney’s Moana certainly did the trick and within 45 minutes the breakdown services were with us.

Unfortunately it wasn’t the best news our car could not be fixed at the roadside, as there seemed to be a major fault with the engine. The AA patrol took us back to our holiday home and then arranged for our car to be relayed back to the garage where it was purchased. We would have to contact the company we have the warranty with to see if we can arrange a courtesy car after the weekend. Until then we will be without a car. Fortunately as Alice is not with us, we will be able to walk – certainly we can get to the beach and a few shops. Fingers crossed when we ring the company on Monday they will get a car sorted as soon as possible.

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