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So here’s the thing

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So here’s the thing

Monday 9th May

Oh the exciting life I lead!  I have been waiting for a warm and dry day for several weeks so that I can creosote the fence panels before we move out.  Today is the day.   In preparation I decide to buy a ‘fence sprayer’, which has made me feel more excited than it probably should!

This purchase seemed like a good idea at the time and I thought I would have the fence panels painted in no time.  After getting the machine out of the box, I carefully followed the instructions and assembled the hose and attached the machine to the paint pot.  So far all was going well.  I took the contraption outside.  This is when I realised that maybe this wasn’t going to be quite as easy as I thought!

The paint spurts everywhere.  It definitely is not doing what it says on the tin!  After some tinkering, and some modifications that should come with an advanced degree in engineering, I finally get it to work and away I go.  Only to run out of paint half way around.  This was very frustrating as I felt like I was finally on a roll.  At this point, taking a step back to admire my work, I notice that I didn’t quite follow the instructions to the letter.  I forgot to mask off the areas I didn’t want painted.  I may have accidentally sprayed the concrete fence posts, plants, along with the neighbours house, car  and front door! Oops!!!

So I am forced to take a break.  I decide to return to the oven I had started cleaning.  Last night I put the oven shelves in the plastic bag with the magic oven cleaning solution.  It is literally a miracle, last night I had three shelves engrained with goodness knows what from the oven, and this morning I have three sparkling shelves as good as new.  I started cleaning the oven – after I researched how much it would be to get a professional to do it.  I figured if I did it myself I could save the £45.  The oven has to be clean before our tenants move in at the beginning of June.

So here’s the thing – the shelves were a doddle. The rest of the oven – not so easy.  I begin to regret not calling in the professionals.  However, I have started this project now – and I will finish it!  After a couple of hours scrubbing the oven looks amazing – not quite a professional clean but pretty close.  It has not been this clean since we moved in 7 years ago.  It must have been clean because Lauren and Annie noticed straight away!!

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