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Blog | Foster home

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‘A Foster home.’

It’s true, being a Foster Carer does take over you and your family’s life, however it sounds like a cliché but it is rewarding and fulfilling knowing you are helping a child, and gives you a purpose for life.

Just seeing that change and that difference that we make to children’s lives, watching them achieve in becoming confident young people and supporting them on the next part of their journey as Care leavers, it’s amazing! You have to put yourself in the child’s shoes to really appreciate how difficult it is to suddenly be pulled out from your family and everything you know, to arrive at a house, a stranger’s house, and the door is opened by someone they don’t know, often in an area new to them, with different family values it is so difficult for them.

It’s strange for everyone; a new person in your home, building that relationship new routines, having different things to worry about. Then once you have built some trust, in time, they are settled in your house, feeling at home and part of your family, looking healthier, safe and sleeping soundly. It is the best experience and a really nice feeling knowing you are making a difference to a young person’s life like that. I have been a Foster carer for many years and decided to Foster when my own child became a teenager. I enjoyed being at home especially having all the School holidays. My first Foster placement was just meant to be short term but he stayed for a couple of years until he became 18 and went home.

Over many years I have felt so very privileged to have been a part of many children’s lives by giving them a home.. Being part of children’s hopes and dreams and making them happen, watching the great achievements, however small and growing and developing into young adults. I have learnt so much, each child brings something new and gives me so many memories that will stay with me forever.

Each day I have been consistent and have persevered. I do everything in my power to help them have a good life full of love fun achievements and boundaries  in giving them the chance to succeed in life and grab the opportunities along the way. In my experience all children need to feel happy, wanted, loved, listened to and to feel safe. To be a Foster carer means it’s your job to help them feel like they belong with you and support them as you would your own child. They have their their own birth family too, that’s really difficult for them.

My thoughts are that there are many reasons why children come into Foster care; we have to be non-judgemental towards their parents. This is a skill, and important for building relationships as communication with parents on child care matters when needed is relevant to the child.

Emma – A Blogging Foster Carer – I Love What I Do!

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