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After getting Hannah off to School who wasn’t the happiest this morning, it was one of those mornings where everything I said was wrong, I expect like many teenagers in the mornings-Today is my support group; I am looking forward to seeing other Foster carers as this is support I really value, the fostering family feel where others really do understand what it is like to be a Foster carer- The conversation was focused on changes of Managers… It’s strange how everything ticks along nicely then out of nowhere it changes! You become unsettled, you know new people bring new ideas, some good, but this time after hearing about some of the new changes I couldn’t help think why change what’s working – making changes is great, but those that can actually work and make Carers feel valued, listened to and feel part of the success is what is needed. With more new policy and more expectations – where was the time for actually having fun.

Fostering Managers and Directors should occasionally go to support groups – Foster Carers including myself are quite vocal, we have to be, we fight for our kids all the time as we work with many different agencies and professionals – what a great way to hear first-hand what the issues are, really connect with everyone. In my opinion a good boss should never ask anyone to do anything they wouldn’t do themselves and should have a good knowledge of what the Carers and staff do and then figure out how to make it better, really get a good insight into what’s achievable and what’s not,

When I was waiting to pick Hannah up from School I thought about Hannah, once a small child who had suffered terrible neglect; it was devastating for her as she had previously felt responsible for caring for her siblings so she was anxious about them, as well as feeling scared and unsafe when moving to us. However painful her family experiences had been, she suffered further loss of everything that is familiar to her, the change was enormous. With patience and understanding she began to trust, looking at her now she is so different.

It put things into perspective – everything around me is changing and I can’t do very much about that, except make sure my diary doesn’t become to over whelmed with professionals wanting meetings, so there is time to spend good quality time together, I know I have given her stability and love and I can continue to make a difference by just believing in her and staying in her life for the long term.

My thoughts are – It feels as if over time Fostering has changed and not all for the better, It seems driven by policies and procedures which have very little to do with the day to day life of children.

Emma a Blogging Foster Carer – I Love What I Do!

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