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I have just returned from safeguarding training, being a Foster carer is very rewarding but it also means it comes with many responsibilities.

I need a good understanding of how to report safeguarding issues as the children I look after in foster care are vulnerable. They need to feel safe and be kept safe, and protected from significant harm, including neglect, abuse, and accidents in and out of the home. I love training and even though I have done this training before there is always something to take away, and today I felt confident and informed, plus I got to meet some new carers which was nice.

Bobby has his routine dental appointment after School, which will be stressful as he has a fear of the dentist but she is very good with him, and he will get a treat after so that always helps. Tonight is Beavers, which he loves. I enjoy helping out as I get to see all the fun activities they do. As children develop they have to continually adjust their problem solving skills and learn new ones, this can be difficult for any child but for Bobby he is emotionally needy. I decided Scouting is a great place to help him with this.

Tonight was Pioneering night. They learnt how to do basic knots including clove hitch and reef knot, made boats that they could race using corks and elastic bands and they learnt how to tie their shoelaces using cardboard cut outs which they then got to decorate afterwards. Being part of this group is really helping him with his social skills, and his emotions.  He is held accountable if he displays inappropriate behaviour, and now learning what he can do differently the next time he feels angry or frustrated. Dan has learnt a wide range of things while having fun at the same time and this has really boosted his confidence and has enabled him to make new friends.

The older boys enjoyed scouting, they loved it; had sleep overs, work towards badges, went to the theatre, hikes, golf,  all make amazing eggy bread, made rafts and generally had a whale of a time. This has helped them to gain skills they need for life, combining fun with learning.

Bobby went from beavers into cubs, scouts and explorer’s and he loved every minute to such a degree that when he was old enough he became Young Leader. Then at 18 he became a Full Leader. He had enjoyed coming up the ranks, and had countless opportunities to grow and develop new skills, now he could give something back. It taught him about teamwork and community in ways that continue to shape his decisions today.

My thought are that Scouting gives children more confidence, responsibility, a broader set of friends, a chance to pursue things they might not get to do otherwise, adventure and an extended family.

Emma – A Blogging Foster Carer – I Love What I Do!

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